Yummy things are definitely a way to my heart. I have always loved to eat.

Apparently when I was two, my mom left me in my crib to nap while she went out for 20 minutes for a little jog around the neighborhood.

I managed to climb out of my crib. Crawl from my bedroom all the way to the kitchen. Pry open the fridge.

Find and then tear open the pack of baker’s semi-sweet chocolate which just happened to be on the lowest shelf on the fridge door.

My mom came home to find me in front of the fridge with chocolate smeared all over my face.


As I grew up, my love of food never dwindled but it distorted.

I found myself eating when I wanted comfort. I’d reward myself with treats if I was “good” or withhold food from myself if I felt guilty about what I’d eaten the night before. 

It took frequency work to shift those deeply held patterns.

In this week’s episode (#41), Dennis and I talk about hunger, yearning and satiation. From spirit perspective, why do we eat when we’re not physically hungry (when we’re bored, want comfort or distraction from what we do not want to be with, etc.), what has caused this distorted relationship with food. How do we move beyond it, into satiation and fullness?

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help to begin to remove the distortion patterns around food and our relationship to it.

If we don’t address the distortion patterns, we will continue to struggle in our relationship with food, our bodies and abundance (more on the relationship between food and abundance in the episode).

Here’s to the unadulterated pleasure of food!

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  • In our culture we tend to eat when we’re bored, stressed, want to avoid or distract ourselves from an emotion we don’t really like, etc. Eating is often a way for us to find comfort.
  • Sometimes it’s a way of numbing ourselves and dropping out of being present.
  • There are lineage distortion patterns associated with food because it has often symbolized abundance. How at ease (or not) we are with receiving abundance. How confident we are that there will be enough. How fearful we are that there will not be. Where we fall on this spectrum is governed by lineage distortion patterns.
  • In addition, there are lineage starvation patterns that happened many generations ago that are affecting peoples’ eating behaviors in the present despite them being in circumstances where there is plenty to eat.
  • All of these distortions patterns affect our relationship with food, which is much more than whether we have the discipline to not eat (and the resulting shame or guilt when we cannot control ourselves).
  • The more we remove distortions patterns the more we are able to attune to what our body wants to eat rather than our mental or emotional idea of what we want. So instead of being in the habit of reaching for the snack food that makes us momentarily feel good and then afterward feel guilty about, we have a greater ability to exercise free will and realize that our habitual patterns don’t need to dictate our choice in that moment. And we can make other choices that will allow us to feel good that aren’t food-related, like going for a walk, taking a bath, going for a bike ride, or having a nap.
  • The more frequency work we do the more we naturally want our bodies to be stronger because we want to feel solid and strong in our bodies. This physical strength has to do with muscle mass. The more muscle mass we have the easier it is for our bodies to take in, integrate and be with higher level frequencies.
  • You can’t transcend past a certain level in spirit realm and remain embodied unless your body is strong enough because it simply cannot withstand the higher level frequencies without you popping out of your body (a.k.a. dying) or getting very ill. So your body starts to attune to become stronger to be able to hold those higher level frequencies.
  • Sometimes when people have a lot of distortion patterns, it causes a hunger that they can’t identify. We’re looking for something to satisfy us but we’re not sure where to look so we translate that into food – similar to how people often mistake dehydration for hunger.
  • As we become clearer on frequency level we need to eat less, so when we do eat, it’s extremely pleasurable because it’s a choice as opposed to the reaction to a distortion pattern.