The first time I deliberately brought myself to a sacred place was way back in 2005, close to the veeerrrrryyyy beginning of my journey. Chris and I visited Teotihuacan on a well marketed spirit journey with a well known “spiritual writer.”

I didn’t want to go at the time. We’d had a hard year that year in our real estate business and there wasn’t a lot of disposable income for that kind of thing.

Chris however was adamant that we needed to go. So off we went.

Since we had just spent money I wasn’t super comfortable with spending, I was hoping for something pretty epic.

It was kind of disappointing. Don’t get me wrong. It was interesting from an intellectual standpoint. The site, however, was overrun with a lot of tourists running about.

And then one day we went inside a specific building to stand in front of what looked like an innocent opening in the stone wall. Whoa.

Everything got really still despite the hordes of tourists. It was as though I could feel the pulsing of the earth’s heart through my entire body.


It was so visceral for me at the time, Chris and I went back around the building after the group exited to stand in front of it again.

In this week’s episode (#43), Dennis and I discuss sacred places – what they are from spirit perspective, how to discern the ones that are highly accelerating from the ones that have become polluted, and how you can best leverage their power to accelerate your own potential.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part of the episode. It will help you to begin to rise in frequency level so that you can not only feel which sacred places are actually powerful and beneficial and also to be able to harness more of the positive effects of those amazing places.

If we don’t clear our distortion patterns, we can be in sacred places and completely miss opportunities to accelerate.

Here’s to the mystery!

Until next time, 



  • A sacred place is a place that is physically located and holds a concentrated field of highly vibrating frequencies.
  • Things often shift. Because frequencies and energies aren’t static, some places that used to hold highly vibrating fields — and are still advertised as such — now no longer do. A sacred place can drop in vibration level because it picks up on the distortion patterns of the people who visit it without holding it in the same level of integrity as it once was.
  • In some particularly powerful places, the field is so high in vibration that it can cause distortion in people who aren’t ready for it — and massive acceleration in people who are.
  • As you rise in vibration level, you can take in more highly vibrating frequencies. You’ll be able to absorb and accelerate more from visits to sacred places as a result — and be able to more easily discern these places of power.
  • To accelerate from these places, the process doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sitting quietly, eyes open or closed, keeping your attention on your body — that’s enough to integrate the frequencies.
  • Guides can help you find these places. It’s often difficult for people to distinguish a high frequency field from marketing or from dark places. Guides can tap into the frequencies, help amplify them, and allow you to integrate them.
  • If you’re on your own, it can be helpful to ask. Instead of assuming, ask for permission to enter — and wait for a response. Having respect for the space and the field around it can allow a lot more magic to open to you.
  • If you ask for permission to enter, and the answer is a no, it’s often for your own protection. It may not be something you need to experience.
  • Having expectations can cap your experience when you visit a sacred place. Releasing expectations and fully surrendering allows for much more amazingness to happen.