For a long time I wondered what my purpose was.

I often went to personal growth and spiritual growth seminars and retreats and they’d ask out to write our “why”.

That stressed me out.

Everyone else seemed to be writing these page long answers and I didn’t know what my bigger “why” was.

I had a feeling it likely had something to do with helping people on a greater scale but I had no idea what that looked like,  how it was going to show up, or how I would know what exactly I was supposed to be “doing”.

I just knew back then that I was chasing a horizon that I couldn’t identify, that kept shifting in color, distance, and tone.


At some point, I just dropped the whole idea of purpose altogether and focused solely on my connection to Pure Source.

 And as it often happens, that is exactly when things became MUCH clearer.

In this week’s episode (#45), Dennis and I discuss what purpose is from spirit perspective, what we often confuse it with and how begin to discover your specific purpose from a higher level perspective.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you to begin to come to a place where it will be revealed or if you already have a sense but don’t feel totally confident that you’ve “got it”, to help clarify it further and have it come from a solid internal foundation, from a higher level perspective.

Without addressing the distortion patterns that keep us in the dark about our purpose, we can spin in confusion, with a feeling of lack of fulfillment that we can’t quite put our finger on.

Let’s do this!




•   Most people in our culture equate purpose with vocation, but they’re not necessarily the same.

•   Our general, overarching purpose: to be in a body. We’re here to experience form and density — and to transcend it to remember our spirit nature and who we truly are.

•   Clearing distortion patterns, being in your body, being present — this process can allow you to remember your wholeness and step into your beingness — as opposed to having to do something in particular to find your purpose.

•   Beingness is a state where you start to recognize that it doesn’t really matter what you do. Whatever you choose to do will be an expression of your beingness, which is the true purpose you came here to fulfill. How you express beingness is irrelevant.

•   How we think we’re supposed to be in the world, what we think we’re supposed to do — these ideas and obligations are conditioned and limited by the distortion patterns around us. Removing these distortions frees and allows us to do anything to experience our beingness.

•   Another person’s purpose is theirs alone. Allow them their journey. There’s no need to meddle.

•   Oftentimes, wanting to find your purpose is simply a consequence of wanting certainty. Just notice if you want it to have your need for  certainty met. If you notice it, you can let it go.

•   Many people feel their purpose has to be to serve others, but this isn’t necessarily the case. If you feel strongly that it is, make sure you’re stable yourself internally first. If you’re unbalanced and dragging people with you, you’re bringing them into chaos rather than helping them, as you intended.

•   Are you serving others out of pure heart or do you want accolades? Notice what’s driving you. Again, if you notice the patterns, you can let them go.