When I was little I used to LOVE Easter because every Easter, my mom, ahem, the Easter Bunny would create a chocolate egg scavenger hunt.

There would always be a map, with clues that would lead my sister and me from one point to the next, eventually yielding a bonanza of chocolate eggs.

What’s NOT to love about that?

Ever since that time, I’ve really appreciated hand-drawn maps, to help someone get somewhere they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

The markers of orientation are always fascinating to me – both in terms of what the map maker notices and what you as the follower are more aware of as a result.

For some reason, I find I’m more present and having way more fun when I’m following those kinds of maps rather than Google maps − blindly following some moving blue dot.

In this week’s episode (#48) Dennis and I discuss the general roadmap to ascension. Everyone has their own unique spiritual journey but in working with hundreds and hundreds of people from all different backgrounds, there are common markers along the path. We discuss what to look out for and what those general markers are to help you gain some context for your own journey.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help begin to remove the distortion patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Without addressing the distortion patterns, we tend to stay spinning in the same space.

Here’s to the adventure of greatest scavenger hunt of all!

Until next time,



Ascension will look different for all of us, and it’s a journey with no endpoint — we’re constantly learning and growing in this infinite game. But there are some experiences common to most people, which for convenience we’ll refer to as “stages” even though this is a big oversimplification of how things work.

There are seven of which have been mapped.

Watch the full episode to find out more about the 7 stages.