Man, watching your partner go through detox can be really hard. Chris and I have witnessed each other go through the fire of detox, time and time again.

Sometimes it’s hard to be living with that person and not take whatever is happening personally.

What’s even harder is having the discipline to not meddle or try to make it better or faster or easier for them—to allow them to have the full spectrum of their experience, in all of its sometimes ugly glory, even when it seems that you can so clearly see it for what it is.

To me, the willingness to let someone else live their own experience without trying to get them to do or be what you think is right for them is the highest form of respect.

To know that it’s their journey and that it’s important that they be responsible for it themselves; and then honor them by holding space for them without interfering.

So. Not. Easy.

In this week’s episode (#49), Dennis and I talk about the highest and best form of intimate relationship, and how such a partnership can be an incredible opportunity for transformation and awakening.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you begin to either start to shift the intimate partnership that you are in, allow you to move away from one that isn’t serving you and/or attract a partnership that will serve you both from a higher order.

Sometimes the clearer and more immediate the reflection, the deeper the acceleration can be.

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  • There’s a ton of social and religious pressure to be coupled. Many people who aren’t in intimate partnerships yearn for one only (or primarily) because they’re conditioned to think it’s required.
  • Many intimate relationships persist because—to one or both partners—they appear to provide comfort, convenience, and security.
  • The highest and best form of intimate partnership allows each individual to stand on their own. The partners merge—usually through sex—but then the couple comes apart and each is strong individually.
  • In strong intimate partnerships, the partners aren’t enmeshed out of weakness. Each complements, rather than completes, the other.
  • We each have our own journey. One partner might be accelerating in spirit growth, and the other might be static. The most loving, respectful thing each partner can do is to let the other have their journey. Don’t meddle!
  • It all comes back to the self. Intimate relationships can be an incredible opportunity for transformation because they’re a mirror. We get to see our most intimate selves, our weaknesses, our triggers. Relationships open the door for a great deal self-reflection and accountability.