Learn about the concept of a twin flame—or soulmate—and how “happily ever after” might not be quite what what you think.


  • What is a twin flame? It’s the idea that there’s another being out there who completes you in some way.
  • From Karen’s perspective, another flame can’t and won’t make you whole. You are complete in and of yourself already, and the idea that you need anything external to complete you is a falsehood.
  • Removing distortion patterns and strengthening internally—this is the work that will help you remember your wholeness.
  • Karen has worked with many people who use the twin flame excuse to avoid the uncertainty of leaving their current relationships—even abusive ones. But it’s just that: an excuse, in this case to avoid the unknown. And if you have distortion patterns of abuse running through you, they’ll simply create the circumstance where that pattern will recur in the next relationship. You must delete the abuse frequencies to shift your reality.
  • There’s no one person who completes you, and as you rise in frequency vibration the people you resonate with will change. You can share joy and growth with a wider spectrum of possibilities, but you’ll likely be more selective about who to partner with.
  • If you’ve been doing frequency work for a while, it’s harder to find potential partners at your level. But you really just need to find someone who’s open and willing to move. Your frequency authority allows them to quickly entrain up to your level.
  • The idea that there’s no twin flame, no soulmate, no “happily ever after” coming along—this may sound lonely. But once you realize you’re complete on your own, the relationships you do develop will be rich and rewarding because there’s no need to control the other because you feel you need the other to make you whole.