When I was growing up my parents did EVERYTHING in their spare time together.

And that doesn’t mean that they necessarily got along that well—sometimes they did and sometimes they really didn’t.

From watching them, I just assumed that spending all their time together was a good thing and the way that couples should be.

When I started dating, I wanted to be with the person I was dating ALL the time. Isn’t that what intimacy is?

Any time my boyfriends, and eventually my husband, wanted to go off and adventure on their own or with their buddies, without me, I’d feel irritated or defensive or unhappy so I wasn’t particularly let’s just say, encouraging of that.

I didn’t really understand it at the time, but I was afraid to give them complete freedom because ultimately I was scared they’d leave me—although I would never have admitted that then, even to myself!

What I didn’t know then was that my fear of being abandoned stemmed from not having a strong enough foundation on spirit level.

It took me a bunch of years, lots of exploring the work of different teachers, integrating, experimenting and eventually (thankfully) frequency work, to get me to the point where I’m truly able to let Chris be as free as he needs to be to be his best self—no strings attached. For reals.

Not only is he free. It freed me too! Who knew?

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I talk about how to have both intimacy AND freedom in relationship—two words that might seem at total odds with each other in that context—how when we’re strong internally and at a higher level order, not only is freedom required it actually deepens intimacy.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help to begin to clear the distortion patterns that are keeping you from experiencing relationship where both intimacy and freedom are fully present.

Here’s to a higher level order of intimate partnership!

Until next time



  • Traditionally because of the previous levels of consciousness, and cultural and lineage distortions patterns, the feminine has valued intimacy because of its association with closeness, stability, security and the masculine has valued freedom, so the two ideas seem at odds with each other and potentially threatening to each other–the masculine being wary of intimacy because of having to give up freedom and therefore being bound, and the feminine reluctant to give full freedom to their partner for fear of being left or abandoned.
  • Please note that in this context, “masculine” and “feminine” are being referred to in terms of the energetic a person most identifies with, not the gender of their body.
  • If your consciousness is high enough, both intimacy and freedom are not only possible to have in a relationship but they’re required in order to have a relationship of a higher level order, commensurate with the new consciousness.
  • Once you have released enough distortion patterns, you don’t need another to love you to feel complete. You are complete on your own so another may complement you but is not required to make you feel complete.
  • When we get to the point that we become internally strong enough that we can release the other, allow them to have full freedom, then both people are liberated. The other not feeling bound or trapped, and ourselves from our own fear.
  • When we are internally strong enough to allow a partner to have complete freedom, both parties can be living in a state of full exuberance for life which allows for a significantly greater sense of intimacy because there is a higher level of honesty, clarity and accountability without a fear of being abandoned or the need to control.
  • There are two additional massive unexpected benefits when both are free (watch the full episode to find out more).
  • Do we need to clear all of our distortion patterns before we enter into partnership, especially a higher level one that we want to attract? Watch the full episode to learn the answer.
  • As your frequency vibration rises there is an exponential increase in the number of opportunities of attracting someone already at your level, someone who is very open and will entrain up to your level very quickly, or someone of an even higher order than you.