A couple of years ago, I remember clicking on a Facebook link that a friend shared with me that seemed really intriguing.

I don’t exactly remember how I ended up there after I clicked on that link, but somehow about 2 hours later I found myself realizing that I was late for an appointment because I’d gotten sucked into a series of videos and photos.


If it hadn’t been for appointment reminder alarm that buzzed my phone, who knows how long I would have ended up in there!

The interesting thing is that now I have no recollection of what it was that I was so intently interested in at that moment that I completely lost track of time.

Holy not present in the body, Batman!

In this week’s episode (#52, Beware The Rabbit Hole) Dennis and I discuss the internet—how it can be both a source of helpful information and also a quagmire of fear and misinformation, and how to keep your center and your power so you can stay safe and accelerate down your path.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will begin to increase your discernment and help you to hold your space so you’re not triggered by some tactics used to get you to buy things or to destabilize and disempower you (or all of the above!).

If we don’t remove these distortion patterns, we can easily be swayed off center and out of the present moment.

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•   There’s a lot of information around us, and unless we’re very centered and mindful, it’s easy to get caught up in threads of misinformation on the internet. This can drop us into a fear space, where we’re easy to control. Our frequency vibration drops when we’re afraid and disempowered, making us easily manipulated and disconnected from our awareness of our connection to Pure Source.

•   Be aware of where information is coming from and if you’re being placed in a fear space. If you’re starting to feel disempowered or hopeless, then you start to drop in frequency level. Step back from the rabbit hole and ask yourself whether you’re allowing yourself to fall prey to external control sources.

•   Broadly speaking, there are two types of beings: beings in service to self (only) and beings in service to other.

•   Beings in service to self are all about control—they want more power for themselves, which usually looks like oppression of people around them. The more people they can control, the more power they can have. Such oppression is highly prevalent in our political, banking, and religious systems.

•   Beings in service to other are all about wanting to help others in service of the greater Oneness. They can easily fall prey, however, to beings who are in service to self.

•   People who run the frequency distortion patterns of being oppressed more easily fall under the influence of dark external control sources. But once you begin the process of removing distortion patterns, you can break free of that and more easily question who you’re giving your power to. There’s no reason to give your power to anyone.

•   Fear is the best way to control large numbers of people—putting people in a fear space creates a negative mastermind and gets them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

•   The devices we use to access the digital reality have a specific flicker frequency which can be mesmerizing—for everyone, and especially for kids under approximately age five. They become entranced, almost hypnotized, and start to lose their ability to imagine and create story as they become so used to receiving it instead. As a result, they can become conditioned to believe everything that’s coming toward them as if it’s real or true.

•   To counteract the effects of devices on kids, get kids outside. Preferably barefoot. This allows them to be in the frequency vibration of the Earth and dump some of the negative ionic charge from the electronics into the ground.

•   Limit the amount of time that kids spend consuming content on devices. It’s difficult for them to be focused and centered—and imagine and create—when they’re used to consuming things at a very specific digital flicker rate.

•   Devices pull our focus and attention away from bodies, which drops us out of the collective present moment—the only point from which we can intentionally create our reality. If you’re slightly off, you’re creating a default reality based on whatever primary distortion patterns you’re running. And if you’re not firmly centered in your body, then other things can come into your body.

•   Without a firm foundation in your spirit body, it’s easy to get lost in fear and believe that the media you consume is real and true. As you ascend, a good test of your strength is to observe yourself: can you see and accept what’s happening in the world without getting pulled in and emotionally engaged in a negative way?

•   Conspiracy theories are easy to get caught up in—they’re a mesmerizing but disempowering reality. They put you in a fear space. The way to feel empowered is to focus on yourself. Do the work to release distortion patterns, because once you feel your own brilliance, you don’t need external stories and diversions, and you’re not as affected by the stories, beliefs and emotions of the collective. It’s all about your completeness and connection to Pure Source.

•   Be aware—of how you’re being conditioned, of why you’re responding the way you are, of how long you’re on your devices. You have a choice in how you respond to the stories you consume. Notice how easy it is to be controlled in so many areas and times in your life. You don’t have to allow it.