I like to paint when I have some spare time.

There’s something about pushing all those beautiful colors around on the canvas, in these unexpected ways, that I find really fun.

I never try to paint anything in particular. Whatever comes out just does.

And when I get a paintbrush in my hand, almost always I’ll end up painting spirals in some way.

I don’t really plan to. I don’t think about it. They just end up busting through onto the canvas. At least so far!

It’s probably not a coincidence that the spiral is the basis for movement into new consciousness.

In this week’s episode (#53), Dennis and I discuss a phenomenon that I call “synergetic ascension”, what it is, what it means for you, and how it affects some of the choices you get to make.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you begin to clear the distortion patterns that are keeping you from experiencing the full breadth of the benefits of synergetic ascension.

Without removing these distortion patterns, we can easily get stuck at the same level.

Here’s to cranking up the turbo boost!

Until next time,




•   What is synergetic ascension? As one person rises in resonation, they naturally begin to help others clear their own distortions, just by being who they are ; similarly, as those others rise in their own resonation, that creates even more stability for the person who rose first to go even higher. That process repeats itself, creating an ever-ascending spiral of awesomeness.

•   Synergetic ascension is something of a new phenomenon: consciousness hasn’t ever been at the level it is currently. In this new consciousness, the illusion of an individuated sense of separateness begins to drop away, allowing for a realization of how your treatment of others—people, animals, the planet—impacts you.

•   In the old paradigm, there’s typically oppression or abuse of others in order for someone to advance or gain more power for themselves. You’ll currently see this at play in many governments, banking institutions, and corporations.

•   In the new paradigm, all boats rise together. It’s about everyone winning. There’s no need to abuse or oppress others because there’s universal abundance—scarcity patterns are simply less prevalent.

•   The more people who begin to rise in resonation, the faster the acceleration can be for the collective.

•   Group frequency calibrations (GFCs) are a powerful way to participate in the collective rise. The momentum of the mastermind is powerful enough to pull its individual members along, helping them out of personal ruts. There’s more “spiritual mass” with the group.

•   It doesn’t matter when or where you listen to a GFC. Karen works in the timeless, and when you enter the mastermind, she pulls everyone into the timeless with her—the eternal now, beyond time and space. You’ll get pulled into the time loop of the GFC whether or not you listen to it live.