Chris and I had this really pretty tea set a friend gave us when we got married.

It was a beautiful, hand thrown ceramic teapot with matching cups—super cool rounded shape, made by hand, and glazed in a vibrant emerald green that transitioned into white.

The challenge is we never used it.

We moved 7 times after receiving it and I couldn’t quite part with it.

It was a wedding gift, one that was thoughtful and clearly something I should like.

I appreciated it every time I saw it just before the next move.

Did I mention we never ONCE used it?

We’d lost touch with the friend over two decades ago, as it happens when people move to different cities and have different lives. And yet, here was this tea set, still in our cabinet.

I’m usually pretty ruthless when it comes to purging but I was hanging on to this thing.

FINALLY, before we moved to Hawaii, when I uncovered it from the back of a kitchen cabinet, I thought to myself, “There is someone I know who will receive a lot of pleasure from this teapot.” I offered it to this friend I was thinking of, and it turns out that she just loved it and uses it often.

Teapot destiny fulfilled!

This week, in episode #61, Dennis and I talk about Decluttering From A Higher Order, how physically letting go of things we’ve been holding affects us on spirit level and how this practice can accelerate our spirit journey.

In the midst of this pandemic, this is an opportune time to let go of things that no longer serve us, on both the physical and spirit levels. 

To give away what is in our closets, our cabinets AND also to let go of undefined anxiety and worry (and more importantly, the distortion patterns that cause us to feel those things).

In a twist on the old parable where the master keeps pouring tea into the cup even after it’s full, we (people, that is) are kind of like the teacups of the set Chris and I gave away.

If we’re already full of anxiety and worry, we can’t handle it when the external environment piles more on, because the cup is already overflowing with it. That’s when things like depression and high levels of fear can take hold and do longer term emotional and even physical harm.

So let’s let go of these distortion patterns, right now. 

This mass stillness is providing us a (probably unwanted, but definitely important) opportunity, to watch ourselves closely, to release even more patterns so we can come out of this much stronger than we went in! 

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you begin to remove those patterns which keep us hanging on to all manner of things, physical, mental and emotional.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we get heavier and more bogged down than we need to be, being less adaptable and missing opportunities as a result.

Here’s to greater lightness of being, regardless of what the external world is offering us.

Until next time,



  • People very easily get attached to things. And people who are the most attached and have the most physical things around them tend to have the most mental clutter as well. This is often evidenced by the need to talk or chatter excessively as a way of trying to cope with all of the stuff happening in their heads.
  • It’s difficult for new things to come in when there’s so much you’re holding on to. Notice your attachment to physical things and ask why you’re so attached. What does your physical stuff provide that makes you feel better about your experience in the world? Notice the answer to that question and the patterns behind it causing the attachment.
  • As you rise in frequency vibration, your need for and attachment to external things will drop—and you can enjoy the things around you more as a consequence.
  • It’s important to practice decluttering on the physical level because it mirrors what has to happen on spirit level as we ascend. If you want to continue to ascend, you must surrender and let go—first to things, then to stories, ideas, beliefs, conclusions, identities. Higher and higher levels of surrender await as you continue your journey, but this is something to be welcomed rather than feared. On the contrary, that surrender is like giving the reins over to your higher self, to help you ascend more quickly with more ease.
  • When we attach to people, we often try to control them. There’s a desire to have them validate us with their love. As you keep going, you’ll realize your attachment to the people you love and surrender it—and as a result your relationship will naturally reorganize to one of a higher resonation, however that looks.