When I was about eight, my mom decided it would be smart if my sister and I took self defense classes.

So she enrolled us in judo, because she was told the focus of the discipline was defensive.

I would have preferred karate which seemed like a lot more fun, but the minimum age for that class was seven. And since my sister was six, and my mom wanted both of us in the class, judo it was.

I never really had a love for judo, but I did learn from the drills how to have awareness of what was behind and around me, and have a sense of what to defend against.

Because we live in a dual reality, things are not always as they seem, and it’s good to have that heightened sense of awareness. We typically think of that awareness only in the context of our physical reality, but it’s super important to exercise the same sort of discernment on spirit level as well.

In this week’s episode (#62), Dennis and I talk about “Spirit Level Street Smarts,” how it’s important to hone our intuition and clear our perception so we can see things as they really are and avoid the things that are dangerous as best we can. 

Once you have this skill set it’s easier to identify the things that are potentially harmful and recognize the things that will truly propel you forward on your spiritual journey.

This is particularly important right now during the pandemic. 

Given the high level of fear in the collective, it is an opportunity for the darkness to come in and wreak some havoc. 

Fear makes us much easier to control and take advantage of.

I’m absolutely not saying this to frighten you.

On the contrary, I’m saying that you can boost up your ability to exercise discernment, but the first step in doing so is awareness of the potential issue. 

So be aware of what you’re watching and reading, in the news and on social media. Notice whether it is uplifting or whether it makes you feel worse after you read, watch or listen to it. Are the scary facts going to allow you to make better choices, or are they just going to feed the fires of anxiety? 

If help is being extended to you, ask yourself if the person or group making the offer is coming from a place of true concern and generosity, or whether they have an agenda behind it that doesn’t actually serve you.  

Pay attention to your frequency resonance and notice what lifts it up and causes it to drop, and use the current time as an opportunity to strengthen rather than just zone out or succumb to feeling like a victim.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help to clarify your instinct and intuition so you can trust them more and really start to see the way things are, instead of what you’d like them to be or what others tell you they are.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we are more susceptible to falling prey to darker energies trying to control, abuse or oppress us by masquerading as the light—especially unstable times like what we’re experiencing now.

Here’s to a whole new level of clarity!   

Until next time,



•   When you walk down the street in an unfamiliar city, you tend to go into a heightened state of awareness. A similar state of awareness is useful on your spirit journey.

•   Some people have distortion patterns around giving their power away, so when they come into the presence of someone who they believe is more spiritually enlightened than they are, they tend to become unaware. Clearing distortion patterns around intuition and perception, as well as self-worth, will allow you to stay aware on spirit level, so you can tune into whether something is—or is not—what it appears to be.

•   Just because lots of other people trust an individual doesn’t mean you have to. Many stories have recently come to light concerning very serious abuse patterns wielded by some people in positions of spiritual power—people who were masquerading as light workers but in fact were oppressive and dark.

•   What’s dark isn’t always obvious—darkness tends to hide behind a facade of light. And darkness needs to feed on something, which can be a person’s bio-energy or even their soul. Opening your heart or giving them your power can allow them to attach to you, start pulling away your power, and deplete you.

•   The darkness wants to oppress. If someone starts asking you to behave in a certain way, do certain things, wants your money or wants control over you in other ways, that’s a sign that you’re dealing with the darkness.

•   Be aware. And if you start to get the feeling that something’s not right, you have options. Leave. Disengage from that person or place. Defend yourself. Ask questions. It’s not necessary to be OK with it, and it’s entirely appropriate to defend yourself.

•   Pure Source is neutral and unattached to how you exercise your free will. Pure Source will never tell you what to do. So keep a level of discernment whenever you have the sense that something or someone isn’t in alignment with this.
•   The more you can clear your frequency distortion patterns, the more you can trust yourself and your instinct. Clear your patterns so that self-doubt doesn’t muddy your intuition—or your willingness to listen to it—when you need it most.