There are some people who just like to tinker.

Some people tinker with cars, others with food, or ideas. There is a pleasure to taking things apart, and putting them back together in a way that seems better to the tinkerer.

I’ve always been fascinated by mystery, by what is unseen, AND I’ve always had a penchant for wanting to understand how things fit together on the bigger picture level.

I explore and tinker with paradigms of how we as humans, our reality, and the field of Pure Source interrelate. I’m always looking for insight into how these things overlap, and how we can use the tools and strategies available to us to continuously improve our mastery of self.

If you’re anything like me, then this week’s episode (#65) “The Mechanics Of Spirit” is for you. Dennis and I answer a number of the questions that many of you submitted for me to answer, like “How do distortions work? Will the distortions I’ve cleared come back? What does the physical body look like on spirit level? What is the soul?” and many more.

This is a crazy, turbulent time. If you just look at things from the ordinary reality perspective it’s really easy to get caught up in all the fear and anxiety.

If, however, you understand how things work on spirit level, you’ll have a new perspective which is more centered and stable from which to view what is happening around us.

It gives us much more choice and a greater ability to take care of ourselves and help others in need if we have the desire and bandwidth to do so.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end of the episode is the most important part – it will begin to help you to facilitate the process of confirming the removal of the distortion patterns that get deleted on spirit level when you do frequency work—which is critical in accelerating things on the physical realm.

As a note, this is a helpful beginning level GFC.

There is a much fuller, more in-depth 30 minute intensive GFC specifically dedicated to this process available on the website at https://sphericaluminosity.com/shop/confirming-the-removal/

Without confirming the removal of the distortion patterns, your perception and experience of change in the physical reality will be much slower and mired in the collective’s perspective.

Until next time,


Covered in this interview:

How do distortions work?

Will the distortions I’ve cleared come back?

How many distortion patterns can I release in a single individual frequency calibration (IFC) or group frequency calibration (GFC)?

Why don’t I feel connected to Pure Source all the time?

Why is the confirmation of the removal of distortion patterns so important?

How do GFCs have the power to help me clear distortion patterns faster?

What is the difference between the soul and the spirit body?

What does the physical body look like on spirit level?

Are we really consciousness?