I have always been fascinated by magicians.

My sister and I weren’t really allowed to watch TV very much when we were growing up but if there was a magician on, or a magic special, my parents would let us watch it.

And whenever we were out at different music festivals (of which there are many in Montreal where I grew up), I’d be most drawn in by the performers who were doing magic tricks.

How did they do what they were doing?

There was part of me that wanted to know how the illusion worked and part of me that wanted to leave it for what it is was.

Whenever I learned how an illusion was performed I was always a little stunned by how simple it was to fool the mind.

My perspective was always a little different after that.

There are many illusions about our physical reality that are commonly held. In this week’s episode (#66), The Illusion, Dennis and I talk about what some of those illusions are and how things work on spirit level so you can choose to continue to believe them or not.

This is a particularly relevant topic right now, as larger systems that we perceived one way, and we assumed were working to protect us—and which are the underpinning of our society such as politics and big business—are being revealed as rife with abuse of power.

There seems to be exaggeration and misrepresentation by the media, exacerbating the fear in the collective—things such as misrepresentation of death counts reported.

What is real and what is simply a manipulation of power? What do we do when we’re not sure what information to trust?

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will begin to help you release attachment to illusions and gain a greater perspective.

Without removing these distortion patterns, we can get caught up in and slowed down by things that only appear to be real.

Here’s to seeing things clearly!

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•   Our collective beliefs about the way things work give us safety and certainty, and when they’re challenged, some people go into fear as their world becomes wobbly.

•   When you reach a frequency resonance where you don’t need that certainty, your sense of safety shifts—from one based on external circumstances to the internal: the safety of knowing your own unshakable essence on spirit level.

There are a few main illusions about our reality:

That the physical reality is stable, fixed, and unchanging.

•   For centuries, different cultures and religions have been talking about the idea that the physical reality is an illusion. At the point in your journey where you rise enough in frequency vibration to experience merging with the All That Is, you’ll have a clearer knowingness that our physical reality is a detailed and interactive jungle gym, one that we create together to learn and grow stronger from.

That we are our bodies, and there’s nothing else to us but the physical.

•   This is an illusion very much tied to the illusions of physical reality and of time—that we only have so many years to experience our beingness, that our physical bodies are the entirely of that experience.

That time is limited because our bodies are finite.

•   The biggest revelation regarding time is that there are actually two forms of it: the eternal now and linear time (watch the full episode to understand the important relationship between these two)

•   Time isn’t rigid. And as people ascend, some will develop the ability to stretch and distort it. They’ll have the ability to move the boundaries of it instead of feeling trapped by the illusion that there’s a scarcity of it.

That we are separate from the All That Is—totally alone, individuated and disconnected.

•   Beyond a mental understanding that this is an illusion, it requires a certain frequency vibration to grasp on a deeper level. Clearing enough distortion patterns can help you rise to the point where you’ll merge with the All That Is and remember: I am everything, everything is me.