Many of us spend a lot of time avoiding what we consider to be negative emotions. Learn how your higher self uses these emotions to create momentum, how you can consciously use them to accelerate forward, and how they start to shift as your frequency vibration rises.


•   Fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety. We spend a lot of time avoiding these negative emotions, but if truly felt and properly directed, they can be enormous catalysts for change. There’s a lot of energetic fuel to them, and they’re meant to catalyze a shift—that’s why they surface in your reality.

•   The best way to use a negative emotion is to use its energy to move toward something better. Use it productively toward something that shifts your reality—as opposed to a destruction toward self or other. Ask yourself: Why is this happening? What’s the lesson here? What am I meant to learn?

•   You are not your emotions. But when you’re overwhelmed with a negative emotion, it can feel like everything is against you—all of your existence is filled with this emotion, and it feels very real and true. Frequency work allows you to remove distortion patterns, giving you the distance and clarity you need to examine the source of the emotion and determine what needs to change in your reality.

•   Negative emotions are indications of distortion patterns in your field that need to be resolved. If you have road rage, for example, it’s not the person who cut you off that made you angry. You already have the resonation of unresolved anger within you, and your mind is looking for something to focus it on. With distance and practice, such a circumstance can propel you into a journey of self-examination.

•   It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. Circumstances that trigger your negative emotions aren’t random—it’s often your higher self orchestrating things so you can examine where you need to grow/release/progress. The emotion is a tell. Understood and used properly, we can consciously use them to give us momentum to shake off even deeper distortion patterns.

•   Part of the gift of your humanness is having emotion, because we don’t have access to the same intensity of emotion when we’re not embodied. The mastery is in realizing that the emotion is not you. It’s not your essence, it’s just an emotional state you’re experiencing. As you ascend, you’ll likely begin to occupy a state of more neutrality, of more internal stillness. And at any point on your journey, your negative emotions can be great indicators for things that need to shift in order for you to become even stronger and more neutral.