When I was a little kid, I loved to sing. Not to perform — just singing for the sake of singing.

I’d sing to myself all the time.

When I became a teenager I’d rock out and sing along with my clock-radio to all the top 40 songs.

My mom and I would sing along to all her golden oldies when we baked together.

Then I had a music teacher who told me I couldn’t hold a tune and that essentially I was a terrible singer.

Totally. Devastating!!

I was insecure enough to believe that I had a terrible voice, so I stopped singing.

About 10 years ago, my husband Chris gave me one singing lesson as a birthday gift.

We went together. I was super sweaty because I was so scared to reveal how lame a singer I was to this unknown singing teacher.

To my surprise, it was fun! I practiced the exercises she gave us when I drove in the car and somehow the story that I couldn’t sing disappeared.

It’s not like I’m singing on stages for an audience, but now I’m happy to sing and not feel embarrassed if someone else hears me.

All because I released a story.

In this week’s episode, (#69), So, What’s The Story? Dennis and I discuss the stories we believe and take on as true for us, how much power those stories have to shape our experience and how the nature of stories change as we ascend.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that are keeping those stories running, so you can have more choice over which stories you want to keep and those that no longer serve you.

Without removing these distortion patterns, we stay stuck in the reality we’re in.

Here’s to rewriting our own story!

Until next time,



•   Stories are a fundamental part of human nature. They’re how we learn, grow, relate to one another, and how we pass information from generation to generation. They also allow us to explore without having to experience something directly ourselves. They’re the fastest way to establish trust with another person.

•   The stories we adopt as ours influence how we experience the world—they create a boundary in which our reality exists. Many are given to us: by lineage, religion, culture, and even our past lives. They can be wonderful ways to relate to others and filter the world, but we can be blind to the fact that they’re really just stories—we believe they’re real, especially when we become attached to them.

•   Stories often reflect the distortion patterns running through a person, and they validate or reinforce that person’s distortions. The people and things you attract into your life—the reality you manifest—is going to comply with the distortion patterns you’re running. So the story reinforces the distortion patterns as real, and you become trapped in the story.

•   People have a hard time letting go of their stories, but frequency work allows you to free yourself from the burden of the stories given to you by others, as well as those you’ve created yourself. You start to recognize that you don’t have to believe certain stories. And when you release distortions around a certain story, the story crumbles without the distortion pattern providing that solid foundation for its existence. Without the distortion, the story can finally drop away.

•   When a story becomes woven into a person’s identity, it gives them certainty and continuity in who they are. So letting go of the distortion patterns around it can be a difficult, scary process (even if that person recognizes that they need to get rid of those distortion patterns and the related stories).

•   You have the choice, as you ascend in vibration, to be story-less. As you release more stories and begin to see them for what they are, you see through them more and more, helping you identify others that need to be released. You also increasingly lose your attachment to them, so it becomes less difficult to let go.