When I was about eight years old, my parents brought my sister and me to Southeast Asia, so we could get a sense of where my father was from and for us to get to know the large extended family we had not yet met.

On the way to Malaysia, where my father grew up in what was formerly a large Chinese community, we stopped in Thailand.

We were walking along a main street in Bangkok when a skinny young girl who was about my age, same height, dressed in tattered clothing, and very dirty, ran up to us begging for money.

This girl was exactly like me except she was hungry and asking for money. I, on the other hand, was on my way to get a delicious and filling lunch with my parents.

I was incredibly confused. I asked my dad “Why is she begging? Where is her mom?”

He very carefully explained that she needed to beg for food and likely her mother sent her out to beg for money because little kids would be more likely to receive money than adults.

I was stunned. “You mean she doesn’t have enough to eat?”

I was so upset, I started to cry.

He then told me that that was her fate. She was born into her family by fate, just as I was born into mine. That I should be grateful for the “accident” that was my life.

After that I never took what I had for granted. If I ever did, I thought of her and how easily my life could have been hers.

Are our lives fated, like my father had told me? Or do we have free will, like most of us would like to believe? In this week’s episode, (#71) Dennis and I talk about free will and how knowing how free will works allows you to maximize the level available to you.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you start to clear the distortion patterns that are keeping you from exercising free will.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we’re a bit like robots being run by the programming of our patterns.

I vote for freedom. Are you with me?




•   People with a lot of distortion patterns have very little free will, because their experience is conditioned by those distortions, whether they be lineage, cultural, or religious. As you release distortion patterns, you get to experience more free will because the programs you’re running aren’t making your choices for you.

•   As you release distortion patterns and rise in frequency vibration, your desires also shift. What you choose to do with your free will changes. You get to create and manifest from a much clearer place because you’ve broken free from all those other patterns that once enslaved your desires.

•   As your free will grows, you’ll notice that you can become aware of your old patterns much faster and use your free will to delete them from your physical/mental/emotional fields. It’s a self-perpetuating spiral increasing freedom and acceleration.

•   For those who yearn for freedom the most, it can feel like a destination—they want to project themselves into a different place where they are free. At a certain point, the chase ends and they realize freedom is an internal state. The binding they were trying to break away from was their distortion patterns.

•   The quickest way to have more free will is to confirm the deletion of your distortion patterns. The more accountable you are and the more diligently you do this, the faster you’ll accelerate.

•   As free will expands and consciousness within rises, you start to have more depth and expansiveness in what you experience.