I was extremely fortunate when growing up.

My parents considered travel to be a fundamental part of my sister’s and my education.

My father wanted us to experience the places where the great ancient civilizations had been, that he had never had the opportunity to visit.

He wanted his girls to be street smart, to be aware of what was around them, see people clearly and also have curiosity and openness to others’ cultures.

What he didn’t realize, was that we would also gain a tremendous gratitude for what we had, and an appreciation at a very young age for how hard my parents worked to give it to us.

Because they worked very hard and often did without so they would be able to take us places, when we got to those places, my father made darn sure there was not a single wasted minute.

Not one.

We almost always walked or took public transit wherever we were because he insisted to walk a new place meant to feel it and get to know it better.

The itinerary was packed from the moment we woke up (early) to the moment we went to sleep.

So even on vacation, much was achieved.

I’m incredibly grateful to my parents for these opportunities they gave us, and recognize the sacrifices they endured to make sure we had them. 

AND from my perspective now, with that particular approach to travel, much was potentially missed.

I’ve found in my travels now, when Chris and I don’t plan every moment, when we’re just wandering a neighborhood with no particular agenda nor particular time frame, we fall upon a little restaurant that is a hidden gem, we meet someone we never would have or we discover something we wouldn’t have on the beaten path. Some of our favorite memories are from these periods of nothing planned.

It was only after I started frequency work and cleared up a whole bunch of my own distortion patterns did I come to recognize how valuable deliberate spaces of nothing were.

And I was very surprised that after I was pulled into a void space, when I emerged how much more inspiration and growth there could be. In this week’s episode (#73) Dennis and I talk about when Less Is More and whether this is true on spirit level too.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you to not only become more comfortable within that void space, it will help you begin to leverage it for more productivity, inspiration, creativity and momentum.

If we don’t clear these distortion patterns, we end up missing out on one of massive accelerators in spiritual growth.

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•   As you do frequency work, you’ll naturally come to periods of nothingness, of letting go—the death space. The death space is an important part of the process in moving to the next level. Before you can get to a higher vibrational order, you need to release what you were or thought you were.

•   The more we can surrender our stories, our old emotional patterns, drama, attachments, conclusions, beliefs and assumptions, the more we can move into and embody more clearly a higher resonating order on spirit level.

•   Allow yourself to be still. People often resist the death space because our culture is so oriented toward doing and achieving. But muscling your way out is like aborting the process. You won’t get to surrender what you need to, so you’ll still have the shadow of certain frequencies running. Allow yourself to empty out and stay in the stillness for as long as it takes to move into the new version of you.

•   The duration of your death space is dictated by your higher self and can’t be forced. When you’re ready to move out of the death space and into your embodiment of this higher level frequency order, it’ll happen. It’ll feel like everything starts to gel. Things will pick up and go into motion.

•   As above, so below. The death spaces we experience here on the physical plane mirror what happens as we move through the dimensional planes. In order to move through the dimensional planes, you have to move through the void. It’s necessary to get to higher levels.