I used to have really vivid dreams when I was a kid.

One recurring dream I had often was I knew that I could fly, but I was never sure if I’d be able to in the particular dream I was in at the time, and if so, how far up and how quickly.

Sometimes I’d zoom around and others I’d take huge running starts and not be able to take off.

So. Frustrating.

Particularly if I was trying to get away from something!

In this week’s episode (#75) “The World Of Sleep And Dreams” Dennis and I have an initial discussion about this huge topic, what to be aware of when we sleep, how things can disrupt our sleep from spirit perspective, the function of sleep from spirit perspective and how the nature of sleep and dreams can change as we awaken.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you begin to get into a better/deeper sleep if this is something you need, as well as open up or expand your dream space.

Without clearing these distortion patterns sleep can be a challenge and what we can experience in our dream states is more limited.

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•   If you’ve been without sleep, you know how important it is on the physical level. For some, getting to sleep is the problem; for others, it’s staying asleep that’s a challenge. Others might feel unsafe when they sleep.

•   For those who feel unsafe, it’s often something in the room that isn’t working. Negative things can come into their space because of ley lines or etheric hotspots. Or the person may already be edgy because of a fear of something coming in—almost a knowingness that the dream space they’re about to enter isn’t safe.

•   Clearing the space and/or the person may be required to settle the unease. GFCs on sleep and clearing space are available on the website; an individual session may be needed to target more specific issues.

•   An overactive mind can hinder your ability to fall asleep. Removing the frequency distortion patterns around anxiety helps mental chatter diminish so sleep can come more easily. Be aware of the time you spend on devices as bedtime approaches: the digital flicker frequency can send your brainwaves into high beta and make it hard to fall asleep.

•   Some people wake up because things come into their dream state and disrupt them. Dark things can enter their dream space, create fear, disrupt it, and the person can’t get back to sleep. This is different from a nightmare: this kind of disruption is very real, and it comes from a different realm.

•   Many different realms exist, and they vibrate at slightly different rates. By slightly altering our vibrational level, many of us can journey to these different realities in our sleep. We either journey willingly or get pulled in to different realms, and in the dark realms some of us don’t have enough strength on spirit level to avoid getting pulled in. This pattern can be the source of night terrors, and it happens a lot with kids. Putting a GFC on in the background can help anchor them back into time.

•   When you wake up in the morning, anchor yourself in the present moment. If you’re not aligned with time, you can feel groggy, a bit off—your day can be a little wacky. An easy way to do this: focus on a part of your body. Pinch yourself slightly. Then begin your day.

•   Sleep can be very efficient—physically and spiritually. During sleep, the brain cleanses itself physically, and distortion patterns can be cleared out as well. Sleep gives you the chance to process a lot of distortion patterns, and it doesn’t have to be at night—during a GFC your higher self might even kick you into sleep to get your mind out of the way to better facilitate the release of distortions.

•   As you ascend, the darkness might try to test you in your dream state. You’re more vulnerable when your consciousness alters, so they might use fear to test you in this space. If you start to experience this, instruct yourself before sleep: “if anything comes into my dream state that isn’t in alignment with pure source, I’ll wake myself up.” You can then use lucid dreaming to re-enter that realm with your emotions mastered, transcend the fear, and grow from the experience.