When my sister and I were kids, my mom did not allow us to eat sugar unless it was a birthday, Halloween, or we were traveling away somewhere.

She was a nurse and was quite controlled and intentional about what we ate, so as a family we very rarely ate out. Virtually all our food she made.

Now, as an adult, after reading all the research on sugar and how it leads to inflammation and disease, I realize how ahead of her time she was. How a lot of my good health now is because she was so vigilant about the food we ate.

When I was a kid though, I really just wanted chocolate or candy. Chewy gummy things were my favorite. 

But although those things can please the taste buds, they’re just not good for our bodies.

There is a barrage of information out there on what to eat, how often to eat and when to eat, from a physical standpoint. There’s so much, it’s often difficult to discern what is beneficial for us. Almost no one talks about food from spirit perspective.

In this week’s episode (#76) Dennis and I talk about Food, What Matters from spirit perspective. Food can not only be used to nourish you, it can also create stability and acceleration for your spiritual journey. Learn how to support your spiritual journey with what—and how—you eat.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help to begin to clear some of the distortion patterns around food that keep us eating the things that are detrimental to our spiritual and physical acceleration.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we can spin in poor eating habits even though we intellectually know that we need to change the way we nourish ourselves.

Here’s to eating what serves us best!

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•   We must ascend in our physical bodies as we rise spiritually. If the physical body isn’t clear enough to sustain the high levels of frequency that the spirit body starts to experience as it rises in vibration, one of two things might happen: the spirit will pop out of the body—literally break away from the pull of the physical body. To us, this looks like death. The other eventuality is that one’s spiritual progression will slow to a stop. Less dramatic, but also not optimal. So it’s important to nourish the body so the spiritual and physical can move together and you can continue accelerating as fast as possible on spirit level.

•   The first thing you can do is stop eating GMO foods. Soybean oil, for example, is common in the American diet and often contains toxic ingredients from Roundup that many believe can lead to cancer. The body, in general, doesn’t know what to make of many genetically modified foods. Staying clear of that extra layer of toxicity can be very beneficial in the long run.

•   Eat as organic as possible. Again, it’ll help you avoid ingesting toxicity from pesticides.

•   Most bodies need a little meat. Make sure your meat is sustainably raised, and don’t consume too much of it. The optimal diet for most bodies is mostly plant-based with a little bit of meat—a fistful a day of high quality meat. It is not my intention to “convert” vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc.—I’m just reporting what I’ve learned from working with my clients. Chris actually had a knowingness about a year ago that his body needed something that was only available in red meat, after not eating it for over 25 years.

•   Sugar hides in everything, and it’s destabilizing on frequency level to have too much of it. Sugar will actually ping you in and out of time. When you’re not properly in time, it affects your ability to co-create your reality.

•   “How” is as important as “what” when it comes to eating. How often are you eating? Are you present when you eat? The more mindful you are, the quicker you’ll register satiation and the less you’ll need to eat.

•   It’s helpful for many people to eat a little less—and less often. Our bodies can go into a natural cycle of self-cleaning when we do intermittent fasting: the mitochondria get active and eat all the bacteria and waste products around it. This creates stability in the body because you’re constantly cleansing.

•   Be aware that your eating choices affect the collective. We are part of the planet; the planet is part of us. How we eat affects the whole.