When I was growing up, my dad would always look at any situation, assess what the worst case scenario would be and then did the work to plan for that possibility.

He was never afraid to put in the work required to prepare for that possibility, and in many ways it was a good strategy in the sense that he was always prepared for the worst, and whenever things did go well, it was a very pleasant and welcome surprise.

In his way of approaching the world, it was important to control as many variables as possible. The more control one could exert over the greatest number of variables, the better the outcome one could expect, and the fewer problems one would experience, in theory, at least.

It would take him tremendous effort up front to identify all the variables, what undesirable outcomes might arise, mentally prepare for all these various outcomes, and then actually do whatever task or project he was working on.

He was successful in many things, but he was also ruled by fear that he never really recognized.

As I reached adulthood, without even realizing it I adopted his way of seeing things. I took the same approach at my various jobs, and eventually to Chris’s and my real estate business.

In a way, it contributed to our success AND at the same time it led to exhaustion because there was an ever escalating number of variables to control. If things ever did veer off course, it was always a code red situation.

Not exactly relaxing.

Oddly, the more control I tried to exert, the more out of control I felt. 

It was only when I found frequency work that I understood how much fear there was in my life, and how what I thought was being proactive was really me trying to manage all aspects of my life to protect against uncertainty and the unknown.

In this week’s episode (#77) Dennis and I discuss “What Is Control Anyway”, how we often think that this is how many of us try to ensure that we get what we want and generate success. But is there a better way?

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will begin to help to have you become more aware of and clear away control patterns.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we can get stuck in an ever worsening spiral of disempowerment, anxiety and frenzied activity.

Here’s to a different kind of freedom!



•   When we’re in fear, we try to control things. We want to govern the outcome in an uncertain, unstable time. But…

•   Control is illusory. Even if you feel like you’ve planned for everything, there’s always potential for the unexpected. Your sense of control isn’t real — it’s in your head. And it can feel disempowering when things don’t go your way.

•   A lot of people don’t realize that fear runs their control patterns. Fear underlies their need to control. And they try to control more things to feel even safer, but often end up feeling even more out of control. It’s an escalating pattern of trying to create more safety and yet always feeling less of it.

•   Control and expectation dovetail. Controlling people have a lot of expectations around the way things should be. And when things don’t pan out that way, they freak out. It turns into a pattern where everything is disappointing them — including themselves. It can evolve into self-abuse.

•   Frequency work allows you to remove the distortion patterns that cause the underlying fear. And as a natural consequence of releasing these distortions, you can surrender even more to the idea that control is illusory. You’ll realize that your higher self and Pure Source are of the higher order from which everything else naturally derives — and as you truly internalize the significance of that, it becomes easier to surrender more deeply to Pure Source.

•   Pure Source does not need to control anything. It is extremely highly vibrating consciousness and is neutral to what occurs. This is why we have free will.

•   If you have a strong mind and will, group frequency work (GFCs and Deep Dives) is especially beneficial. The momentum of the group can buoy you beyond the point you can go on your own because there’s more “spiritual mass” to help propel you past the point that your mind/ego are able to let you go on your own