Exerting our control over things, people, and circumstances — this is how many of us ensure that we get what we want and generate success. But is there a better way?


•   When we’re in fear, we try to control things. We want to govern the outcome in an uncertain, unstable time. But…

•   Control is illusory. Even if you feel like you’ve planned for everything, there’s always potential for the unexpected. Your sense of control isn’t real — it’s in your head. And it can feel disempowering when things don’t go your way.

•   A lot of people don’t realize that fear runs their control patterns. Fear underlies their need to control. And they try to control more things to feel even safer, but often end up feeling even more out of control. It’s an escalating pattern of trying to create more safety and yet always feeling less of it.

•   Control and expectation dovetail. Controlling people have a lot of expectations around the way things should be. And when things don’t pan out that way, they freak out. It turns into a pattern where everything is disappointing them — including themselves. It can evolve into self-abuse.

•   Frequency work allows you to remove the distortion patterns that cause the underlying fear. And as a natural consequence of releasing these distortions, you can surrender even more to the idea that control is illusory. You’ll realize that your higher self and Pure Source are of the higher order from which everything else naturally derives — and as you truly internalize the significance of that, it becomes easier to surrender more deeply to Pure Source.

•   Pure Source does not need to control anything. It is extremely highly vibrating consciousness and is neutral to what occurs. This is why we have free will.

•   If you have a strong mind and will, group frequency work (GFCs and Deep Dives) is especially beneficial. The momentum of the group can buoy you beyond the point you can go on your own because there’s more “spiritual mass” to help propel you past the point that your mind/ego are able to let you go on your own