I don’t know if this happened for you, but when I was little, I seemed to have So. Much. Time.

In fact, the time between birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas—or basically anything fun at all—seemed like an eternity.

And then something about that changed. The older I got, the more time sped up.

When I entered my late 20s, it seemed not only had time sped up but it also had gotten away from me. I was now chasing time and it never felt like I had enough of it.

What is time? It is so fundamental that we think we know what it is, but do we really?

I don’t claim to know all the answers. I’m exploring and refining my understanding of this huge, fundamental topic myself.

What I do know, however, I share in this week’s episode (#80) What Is Time? Dennis asks me a number of great questions I’ve received about time like: what are the benefits and disadvantages of being in or out of time? What are the two different kinds of time? How are their rules different? What are timelines and what does it mean to collapse them?

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you to begin to center more in the zero point of linear time (a.k.a. the present moment) so you can start to feel like you have more time.

Without clearing these distortion patterns we are at the mercy of time.

Here’s to a whole new kind of spaciousness!

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In this episode, Karen answers a number of FAQs on what time is.

When you start a GFC, you often ask us to “triangulate” ourselves in space. Why is this so important?

Being in the Eternal Now allows us to create more effectively, be more stable in linear time, and accelerate more on spirit level. In order for Karen to pull us into the Eternal Now in our space-time reality, we need to be aware of our coordinates in space. Triangulating quickly makes us aware of where we are in space—and allows for a more accelerating GFC as a result.

Can we triangulate at other times?

Doing so can be helpful, especially if you aren’t feeling grounded. Use it to anchor yourself in space and in your body—it’ll help you be more in the present moment.

When a person is completely present in their body, does that mean they’re in the Eternal Now?

Not necessarily. Being in your body allows you to be in the present moment of linear time, which is a prerequisite for entering the Eternal Now. You also have to be at a certain vibrational level to access the Eternal Now. Not everyone is at that level, even when they’re in the present moment.

What does it mean to “collapse the timelines”?

We all run multiple timelines. For example, you’re faced with an opportunity and make a choice in response to it. Decisions create timelines: you’re now running two timelines as a result. And so on. When you have lots of timelines, you tend to have lots of distortion patterns running through the timelines.

As a result of Karen bringing us into the Eternal Now, we’re at the level of frequency vibration that she can collapse these timelines and remove distortions from all of them simultaneously. This is hugely efficient for our acceleration on spirit level.

Is a person out of time when they’re not fully in their body?

Yes. You have to be in your body to be grounded in the present moment in linear time.

What are the disadvantages of being out of time?

Coming into embodiment binds us to certain rule sets, one of which is time. For the collective to accurately reference the same point in time and space requires an agreement on what is the present moment—a zero point. So if you’re out of time, you’re not in sync with that collective agreement. Meaning, people won’t immediately register you being there. It’ll take an extra few moments for them to acknowledge you. You’ll get into collisions more, drop things more—experience a lack of coordination. Things might get wonky when you make plans. You’ll have “bad luck” because of bad timing, miss out on opportunities, etc.

How is the new consciousness shifting the rules about time?

Currently, there’s a strong, anxiety-inducing collective distortion around time—we feel that there’s not enough of it. That we’re always missing out. We’re easily controlled and manipulated in this state of lack. The new consciousness is all about abundance—in money and time. In that level of ease, you’re present in your body and more difficult to control. The edginess dissipates. Everything changes. It’s less about doing and more about being.

We’re moving toward being more still, centered, and easily able to access the Eternal Now.