Special abilities are often confused for spiritual awakening. In this episode, Karen distinguishes between the two, highlights a common mistake people make regarding special abilities, and offers some guidance if they do start to come in for you.


•   When someone can do something that’s outside of the ordinary reality — summon the wind, conjure things, know things without a 3D explanation for having that knowledge, communicate with star beings — that’s what is meant by the term special abilities.

•   It’s easy to get enthralled by special abilities — we tend to find fascination with things that are out of the ordinary reality. But special abilities aren’t necessarily evidence of a person’s progress towards awakening.

•   Abilities are one thing; awakening is another. You can awaken without wielding a special ability. And having one isn’t a gauge of your spiritual progress.

•   If you do have a special ability (or one starts to come in) watch out for the ego. Some people think that having and using an ability is evidence of their spiritual advancement — they want to use that modality to prove their own significance. But this is actually one way the ego separates you further from awakening.

•   Some people want abilities so much that they’re willing to make contracts with the darkness in order to have one — and contracts can bind generations. As the darkness entrenches into the family line, it leaves its mark: depression, suicides, addiction, early death, etc.

•   In the grand spectrum of the All That Is, the physical realm is small. Manipulating the physical realm is small potatoes — and selling your soul for the chance to do it is always a losing bargain.

•   Hold neutral if you do start to have abilities come in — it becomes very easy to attach to having them. How much neutrality you hold is an indication of how stable you are on spirit level, which actually IS an indication of your progress towards awakening.

•   Your awakening process may not include a special ability, and this is fine. Your awakening is unique to you.