When I first started on my spiritual journey, I really didn’t know what exactly I was looking for.

I just knew that I was intensely curious about how the world really worked. I had a feeling that there was something out there in the unseen, something far greater than me, that I wanted to connect to but I didn’t even really have any clue what it was.

I read a lot and books like the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist were fascinating to me. They were fiction, but seemed to me like they somehow had a ring of truth to them.

How did the protagonists access whatever they were accessing? Was it possible that the mystical was more than just fiction?

I also tried to find books of real people’s journeys into the spiritual but everything I found were biographies—but I wanted to know more about what someone else’s journey was like from their own perspective. Not because I thought I needed to have anything like theirs but just for SOME kind of context.

People have been asking me to share a bit more about what my experience of life is and has been so far. What is my mental state most of the time? People have asked whether I have thoughts? Emotions? What are my challenges? How have my perspective and experience changed as I’ve continued along my path?

I have a LOT left to learn (as in an infinite amount!) and I almost feel like my husband Chris would be a better person to respond to these questions, but many people seem to want my take on things to help give their own journeys more perspective. So, in this week’s episode (#92) Dennis asks a number of questions that people have been asking me.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part of this episode. It will help to give you more momentum, clarity and focus in this uncertain time.

Without clearing out distortion patterns around this, we can easily get distracted by other peoples’ journeys, dramas, emotions and stresses, instead of focusing primarily on our own.

Here’s to keeping our eyes on our own path—personal accountability and responsibility lead to self mastery! 

Let’s rise together.



In this episode, Karen addresses such questions as:

•   Have you cleared all of your distortion patterns? Do deeper patterns still surface as you continue the work?

•   What’s your greatest challenge?

•   What’s your greatest joy?

•   How has your emotional state changed? You often talk about neutrality—do you still have emotions?

•   What’s the general state of your mind? Stillness? Bliss? Emptiness?

•   How does working on humanity impact you?

•   How does your work on humanity impact the oneness?