I grew up in a close family. 

My parents were involved and active with my sister and me. They’d take us camping (that random Chinese family in the various Canadian campgrounds in the 70s when it was pretty much all white people–that was us!), and we’d go hiking, biking and skiing with them.

My mom was amazing at keeping everything and everyone organized, fed, geared up and prepared for whatever we were doing. I don’t know how she managed it with her full time job and her taking classes for her college degree on the side.  

For some reason, whenever we would leave the house, it would be a flurry of chaos.

Especially when my sister and I got into our late teens and early twenties, everyone would be micromanaging everyone else. “Get this” “Don’t forget that” “Did you pee before we leave?” “Remember the Kleenex” (I don’t know why that was in the mix but it always was there).

When I started dating Chris, I tried to control him too whenever we left the house, because I thought that was normal. 

He couldn’t understand why I was acting that way, until he saw my family trying to leave the house on an outing he was included in.

Light bulb moment for him.

And even though the reason why had become clear, it still was NOT OK for me to do that to him. 

Wait. It’s not?! That’s not normal? LOL.

We often don’t think about how we try to control or get others to do what we want because we’re often blind to it. It’s just what is normal for us. 

In this week’s episode (#87) Dennis and I talk about the oppression frequency which is so pervasive in our culture, throughout every layer of this consciousness. We discuss how breaking free of it collectively requires us to remove those patterns from within ourselves—necessary if we want to move into a higher level order.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will begin to help you to release the oppressor frequency so you can free yourself from being controlled or being controlling of others.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, we stay stuck at the low level frequencies that are currently playing out so loudly in the public arena. 

Let’s rise together!



•   It’s a turbulent time in our politics and culture. There’s an overload of finger-pointing and blaming, and the chasm between opinions has widened dramatically. People are lashing out at those who hold different perspectives, and we’re seeing breakdown in our political and financial systems.

•   Our political and financial systems are built upon oppression — where one small group dominates or controls another for power, control, and/or money. And we’ve reached a point in consciousness where the denser patterns — greed, abuse, control, oppression — have to break away in order for us to rise to a higher level of consciousness. As a result, the breakdown we’re seeing has to happen. A band-aid won’t fix it. This is a scary but also exciting time.

•   We all have these distortion patterns to some degree — of oppressor and of the oppressed. We’re aiding oppression when we buy a cheap t-shirt made by a sweatshop worker; we’re allowing ourselves to be oppressed when we take out a loan. Debt is the currency of oppression. We voluntarily participate in systemic oppression, whether or not we choose to recognize that that’s what we’re doing.

•   It’s easy to point the finger right now — to think all the oppression is happening “out there.” But the oppressor frequency runs within us, and we’re often blind to it. The foundational systems are set up in a way where in order for one to have power, the other has to lose. But when we benefit from this setup, we usually just think we’re doing well.

•   Think about where you might be participating in this dynamic from the angles of both the oppressor and the oppressed. Look inwards for personal accountability. Then do the frequency work to release these patterns. If you recognize and release the distortion patterns within yourself, you can help the collective buoy up to release patterns on a systemic level.

•   As you increase your internal strength and personal stability, you’ll notice more when you try to put pressure on others or assert your agenda on them. You’ll also notice instances where you’re the target of oppressive energy.

•   It’s important to have accountability for the power you have and the oppression you wield — and then remove those patterns. Having that accountability can shift things not only for yourself and the others you interact with, but for the collective as well.

•   It’s a pivotal time. As we clear ourselves, the opportunity for the collective to shift gets stronger. And once we shift away from systemic oppression, there’s space for something new — from a higher order — to take its place.