When I was about 8 my parents started bringing my sister and me to Malaysia, where my father was from, so we could get to know his side of the family and have a sense of where he grew up.

On that first trip there, one of my cousins took us on a “hike” through the jungle.

I discovered the jungle can be a scary place.

Especially when you’re eight, following your underprepared 16 year old cousin, in your flip flops, getting eaten alive by mosquitos who apparently prefer the blood of foreigners.

In addition to all the bugs, there were ENORMOUS spider webs there. As in taller than me. 

Did I mention scary?

When we got back (finally) to my uncle’s house, my dad told us that when he was ten, and the family was hiding in the jungle trying to survive the Japanese invasion, to entertain themselves, the kids would throw rocks at the webs to see if they could break them.

IF they could break them?!!! OMG. That sounded like they might break when hit by a rock, and then again, they might not. Is that what dad meant? Yep, that’s what dad meant, alright. Yikes.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if you walked into one of those webs accidentally because you were spacing out, or because it was dark, or whatever. Those things totally seemed like the web of that terrifying spider Shelob from the Lord of the Rings.

You didn’t see it, but now you’re ensnared. The more you struggle, the more you get stuck.

In this week’s episode (#88), Dennis and I discuss an almost invisible distortion pattern that runs through humanity, which binds us more as time progresses. We can’t fully access the new consciousness until we get rid of this nearly universal distortion pattern that we’re all born into.

The most important part is the Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end – it will help you to begin to break free of this cycle. 

Without releasing this distortion pattern, what we can experience and be is vastly limited.

Let’s rise together!


  • Debt in our current consciousness is the currency of oppression. It’s an abusive power dynamic that’s extremely difficult to get out of. Spirit debt is similar, and it works like this: You have to give up a disproportionately large amount of one thing in order to get a small amount of something else.

  • Spirit debt is when you give up something — energy, emotional or mental wellbeing, time — in order to get something else — money, job or relationship security, recognition, etc. Because oppression is rife in this consciousness level, we’re born into spirit debt when we incarnate.

  • As time goes on, unless the related distortion patterns are released, spirit debt requires you to give up even more to get the small amount of what you’re getting in return. And because it’s so pervasive, it can really bind our opportunities and possibilities. We don’t resonate with the higher-resonating possibilities out there where this distortion pattern doesn’t exist. 

  • Spirit debt is running through religion, culture, and lineage. So as individuals, we feel it on many levels. It’s everywhere. And it’s hard to break free of this pattern, because there’s no emotional or mental trigger. You don’t even know it’s running.

  • How can we get rid of spirit debt? First, be aware of it. Then do frequency work to release it. Spirit debt is a foundational distortion pattern; it’s deep in our DNA. Releasing this distortion will require persistence. The GFC at the end of this interview is a start, and more frequency work is likely needed to get to the root of it.

  • Releasing spirit debt can be a game changer. By releasing it, you’re aligning with more higher-resonating possibilities — ones that don’t have this pattern running. It opens up our power to create-manifest. It allows you to come into more stability, inner strength, and awareness of your connection to Pure Source.

  • With spirit debt running, you’re always going to feel a little unstable. It requires you to chase, continuously giving up a lot to get a little — keeping you on the hamster wheel.