When I was growing up, I used to love to read Greek and Roman mythology.

The drama of all of these gods, magical creatures, and humans in all these extraordinary circumstances and having to rise above impossible odds definitely lit up my imagination. One of the magical creatures that really caught my attention was the phoenix.

In the stories about the phoenix, the old version must burn away and from those ashes, a new phoenix emerges, brilliant and strong.

So. Epic.

And also so very relevant to this time.

In this week’s episode (#90) Dennis and I talk about what is happening currently from the bigger picture, how this time is so pivotal for us to claim our power, our brilliance and our sovereignty—all from a much higher level of consciousness.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you to begin to remove the distortion patterns that keep us from being and experiencing the brilliance of who we truly are (and who couldn’t use some of that right now?!).

Without clearing these distortion patterns we can stay mired in the lower frequency patterns of the old consciousness that is so obviously crumbling around us.

Here’s to true sovereignty from a much higher level order.

Let’s rise together!


  • It can be perceived as a dark time, but it’s also a time of transition and tremendous change. While some people can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, others are seeing positive change in their physical realities — finding their physical bodies catching up to their spirit bodies in resonance. Everything is starting to vibrate from a higher level order.

  • The heavy distortion patterns that permeate our structures and the entirety of this consciousness level are dropping away so the new consciousness can more firmly take hold. People are increasingly aware of the oppression and control within our systems and relationships, and they’re claiming sovereignty for themselves — both on the physical and spiritual levels. It can look dark out there, but the intensity of this time is necessary in order to get to the other side.

  • Claiming your sovereignty means claiming your power as Creator, as the ones who create your reality. The distortion patterns running through you are calling a certain reality to you, but once you clear them, you start to clarify and raise your resonance and reclaim your power as Creator.

  • Sovereignty is a big part of the new consciousness. There’s no tolerance for either being controlled or controlling others. Our relationships can’t help but be different; the systems around us can’t help but be different as well. But because we’re in linear time, there is a time lag. Even if something is set on spirit level, it takes time for the new consciousness to percolate to our physical reality.

  • Some will have more challenge during this time as they choose (whether knowingly or not) to resist the momentum of change and try to hang on to the old paradigm in fear. But the best thing to do for the most forward momentum is to surrender. To let go of your attempts to control or hang on. Hold your space, cultivate internal stability, and take off into the new consciousness.

  • The nature of power will change in the new consciousness. In the old consciousness, power has always been over something else: other people, animals, the environment, etc. But in the new consciousness, power is not relational and it comes from a much higher resonating order. Power is in being aware of your connection to Pure Source and your spirit. Power is in your awareness of the magnificence of who you are as an aspect of the divine, and you won’t allow that to be violated or softened.

  • Claiming your power allows you to claim your ability as Creator. That’s what this time is for. It’s allowing us to harness momentum and rise in resonance, to be like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes. We can emerge from the darkness of this moment to discover and step into our true power and brilliance.