There was a very brief period in my spiritual journey where I crossed paths with a Hindu guru who also happened to be a woman.

On three Sunday mornings Chris and I drove a couple of hours from our home in San Francisco far into the East Bay to check out the community, attend their meditations and see what it was like.

As is part of their tradition, repeating mantra was an important part of what they believed to be part of the awakening process.

They had mantras for all kinds of things: abundance, love, inner peace. You name it. They had it!

We bought a few CDs and listened to them for a while, repeating them where we could.

Other than enjoying some of the sounds, things didn’t really change.

And there was something about the dynamic of the community and the worship of one person that didn’t resonate that well for us. So we didn’t go back.

The power of sound is something that has been used for centuries as part of the spiritual path. It is after all the lower vibrating (audible) part of the sound spectrum.

There is so much sound healing, mantras, chanting, singing.

In this week’s episode (#94) Dennis and I discuss the power of sound and music, and how the physical frequencies of sound and music can affect our frequencies at spirit level.

The most important part is the Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end. It will help you to leverage the power of sound and music even more.

Let’s rise together!



•   Everything is made of frequencies, and sound and music allow us to physically perceive some of them. But because they can be observed on the physical plane, the frequencies of sound and music are lower on the spectrum.

•   Certain sounds have a higher resonance than others: Sanskrit and Hebrew, for example, are two languages that many would say hold a high frequency. Mantras are often in Sanskrit, and even if they do have power because of the resonance of the language, the frequency vibration of the repeated word patterns isn’t high enough to shift distortion patterns in a significant way.

•   But mantras or prayers can be tools for focusing your attention and awareness, stilling the mind, and bringing you to the present moment. This state of presence is the gateway to the Eternal Now. So these repeated sounds have the potential to allow you to access the infiniteness of spirit through focusing you into presence.

•   Sound-based modalities can be complementary to frequency work. Sound baths, singing bowls, and tuning forks can have a very beneficial mental and emotional impact. Frequency work acts as an accelerator, turbo-boosting the power of these modalities.

•   Expansive experiences are possible through sound-based modalities on their own, and they come about through the way these modalities facilitate presence. These modalities aren’t quite precise or focused enough to allow you to easily access transcended states on repeat — they won’t release the distortion patterns that block you from doing so.

•   Music is a spectrum of sound, and it can uplift or lower you in your frequency bandwidth. Some people like to enhance the state they’re in: if they’re angry, they’ll play angry music that amplifies that emotional state. Certain music can also uplift your state, your frequency vibration, and accelerate detox.

•   Music can also be used to avoid fully experiencing ourselves. We use it as a crutch to bypass what we’re feeling without dealing with the emotional state we’re in. Just notice if you’re using music to escape something. If so, do you have the strength to face whatever it is in silence?