There’s a spiritual element to trauma, and healing isn’t over until it’s addressed. In this episode, learn how to complete the healing process — and potentially transform a traumatic event into massive spiritual growth.


  • To address healing from trauma, our culture focuses on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. But our current system doesn’t give us the tools to help us on spirit level, which is where trauma can embed into the frequency memory of the body.
  • Trauma can be triggered by frequencies already running through us. These frequencies might stem from the lineage and contribute to a pattern of trauma to the same area of the body. If the frequency isn’t removed, it can create subsequent trauma, over and over, to the same part of the body, throughout the lineage.
  • How do you put a stop to a pattern of trauma? Release the distortion patterns behind it. Often the frequencies causing trauma come in a bundle: for example, patterns of non-deserving or lack of abundance might be packaged with trauma Pulling out that whole tangle of distortion patterns helps get to the root of a recurring issue.
  • Frequency work isn’t always direct. It might ease the physical pain of a trauma; it might not. What might happen, if removing the frequencies doesn’t eliminate physical pain, is that it’ll lead you to the person or modality that provides the eventual remedy.
  • For those who’ve experienced sexual trauma, there are frequencies running through them that both lead to and stem from those experiences. Removing the frequencies dissolves the charge around sexual assault — and the need to go back and repeat those memories fades away, allowing a radically different experience of intimate relationship to transpire. The lineage can now have freedom from the burden of this pattern as well.
  • Trauma doesn’t require just physical or emotional healing. Without frequency work, it’s difficult to overcome emotional trauma, and with the frequency of trauma still running through the body, physical trauma can repeat and embed in the lineage.