When I first started on my spiritual journey, I desperately wanted a teacher, a guide, SOMEONE to tell me what to do, where to go, how to do it, so I could get “there” faster.

I wasn’t sure exactly where “there” was, but I knew it wasn’t “here”.

I was so hungry for knowledge I was willing to do almost whatever someone I perceived as wise, powerful and elevated told me was required for awakening.

I was really lucky.

There were at least two times that I narrowly avoided getting seriously entangled with “teachers” who were the darkness masquerading as awakened light workers.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I discuss the fast track to enlightenment, how the most direct route isn’t what we necessarily think, and what to watch out for along the way so we don’t end up on detours that can be a waste of time at best, and quite devastating at worst.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you to gain clarity around the most direct route for you.

Without clearing the distortion patterns around this, we can end up being on course for a head on collision with the darkness which can slow us down a ton.

Here’s to the most efficient way forward!

Until next time,



·        When we embark on a spiritual journey, it often begins with a yearning because we feel that there is something else out there that we want to know or connect with that we can’t quite put our finger on. We’re seeking but often we don’t know yet what exactly it is we’re seeking.

·        Many of us want to find a teacher, guide or guru who can actually help us understand what we’re seeking. For some of us even that can give us some certainty around the mystery. Somehow having the answers will connect us to whatever that greater thing is that we’re seeking to know.

·        Teachers and guides can fast track us if we maintain our power – meaning that we don’t elevate them above ourselves, worship them and/or think that they’re better than we are.  Maintaining our power means retaining our authority over ourselves, continuing to question whether what they are sharing with us resonates with us or whether it is a form of control, and generally listening to our own intuition

·        Sometimes we want to know so badly, we just want to be “saved” rather than continue what seems to be the impossible task of figuring things out on our own and doing the work ourselves – this is giving our power away.

·        When we give our power away we open ourselves up to being controlled, abused or oppressed on both the physical and spiritual levels.

·        Someone who is truly in alignment with Pure Source does not need to take your power from you and will reject it because to take it is an act of oppression.

·        Guides can be powerful accelerators, but to stay on the most efficient path to awakening or enlightenment, it is important to stay mindful about who they are and how we are in our relationship to them.

·        We are brilliant simply in our existence because we are of Pure Source, so to elevate someone above you, and particularly if you deem them an intermediary between you and Pure Source, is a negation of your own brilliance. They can assist you, and they may have more knowledge, experience, or special abilities than you, but that does not make them better than or of higher value than you.

·        On spirit level, no one can “save” you. No one has]the power to do that since we have free will, and this is our journey alone.

·        Gurus or teachers are humans, and even if they develop powerful bodies of work some are unstable and still seek validation and are willing to take your power because it helps them feel adored, or worthy or complete. You can still learn from someone like this as long as you stay aware of their humanness and take what they share within the context of that – to question what they say given their own distortion patterns and wounding.

·        Be aware of whether someone is trying to control or gain power for themselves even if on the surface they appear to be helping you. One way to tell is if they consistently refuse to “take” others’ power even when it is being offered. Ask yourself what is really motivating them, regardless of appearances. Look for signals about that person’s relationship with power dynamics.

·        Just because something is someone else’s truth, doesn’t mean it’s yours.