Learn why creating for the pleasure of creating, without attachment to the outcome, can strengthen your ability to manifest and create the physical reality that you would like to experience.


  • We are all creators. We co-create with Pure Source the world that we experience whether we are aware of it or not. Our distortion patterns very much influence our ability to intentionally create and what we create, as they are the source for our thoughts, beliefs and emotions which also color and shape our reality.
  • We are such powerful creators that our realities are already a reflection of what we focus on, believe or think repeatedly, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. So, if we tend to worry a lot about negative possibilities, such as not being able to make rent or bring in enough money for a business in a given month, that often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Watch the full episode to learn how to use worry as a way to create something positive as opposed to the negative cycle of creation that we often can get stuck in.
  • As we remove more and more distortion patterns, we free the creator within us because the not only are we expanding the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that we have available to us for a better life experience, we reduce constraints from the distortions patterns that are holding us back, causing “bad luck,” making life harder, etc.
  • Giving yourself permission to “dream” or having a feeling sense of what you’d like your life experience to be and how it will impact the people around you is important in creating a different reality. It is the beginning of the creation/manifestation process.
  • In our culture, creativity just for the sake of playing with creation, is not something that adults are typically encouraged to do. People think it’s cute if a child draws something that’s just scribbles, but as adults we often feel if we’re not expert at whatever it is, if it’s not “good enough,” or if it will be received poorly by others, that we should not express ourselves through that creative outlet. However, the act of creating without attachment to the end result is incredibly freeing, pleasurable and the more we exercise this creativity, for ourselves, and our own pleasure in creating, the more we can influence our realities.