Learn a new paradigm of goal setting which is more fulfilling, powerful and efficient than the current, traditional paradigm of goal setting.


  • Goal setting as it is traditionally spoken about in the old paradigm is very “beginner level” because it is derived almost exclusively from the mind. The mind can only take in a certain amount of information, knows only what we have been exposed to, and is very conditioned by the distortion patterns that run through us from our lineage, cultures and religions. It tends to be very linear – we need to get from A to B first, before we can get to C.
  • Intermediate level is when we begin to use spirit or our connection to Pure Source as inspiration for our goals, and for what is possible, rather than just our minds. I call this Dreaming, where we start to expand and consciously co-create with Pure Source.
  • Accessing Dreaming requires that we go beyond the mental plane. Resonating at a frequency higher than the mind creates efficiency from a higher order, which makes things more effective in the lower, denser realm of the physical.
  • What I consider expert level is Creation/Manifestation, when we create completely on the spirit level and allow it to come into form. This process takes place at a much higher resonation level than Dreaming. Most people cannot effectively Create/Manifest because they’re not vibrating high enough. They have too many distortion patterns and as a consequence are too mired in the ordinary 3D reality.
  • Creating is possible on all three levels, but getting results becomes easier, and the feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment increases, as we begin to create from a higher resonating space.
  • In Dreaming there are two aspects that are critical for manifestation to stick. Watch the full episode for more details.
  • The inherent challenge with traditional goal setting is that the goal is way outside of us, which creates a sort of dissonance between you and it. When we get to the point where we can experience that thing within our own field, then it is closer to being made manifest.
  • Releasing distortion patterns frees us from the binding which conditions us to what we think we want – as we rise in frequency level, our goals, or what we think we want will shift.
  • There’s yet one more level that’s so black belt, that it doesn’t even fit in the category of levels of goal setting. At this level there ARE no goals because you’re so unattached to what happens, you’re so surrendered to Pure Source, everything becomes an experience to learn or to grow from, so we are in a state of wonder about the various possibilities and outcomes. Co-creating shifts from trying to satisfy a need becomes to something we do for fun or for joy because it’s an expression of who we are as creators.