I used to be such. a. control. freak.

I very much had a clear idea of what I thought I wanted in life and I focused all my energy on achieving that.

I wasn’t very open to other possibilities because I didn’t realize other possibilities could actually be BETTER than what I wanted.


I tried to control everything because I believed that they could only be worse!

Helloooo lineage patterns.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I talk about why we tend to keep creating and perpetuating the same realities around us, how to expand our field of possibilities, and how fluid things really are and why that is such an opportunity.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) will begin to help you move into a more expanded field of possibilities so your external reality can start to shift.

If we don’t remove these distortion patterns, we either keep creating the same realities, or even worse – the distortion patterns intensify with time. With these patterns running, it is very difficult for us to move into a new (by which I mean “better”) reality.

Let’s start making that shift!

Until next time,



  • All possibilities already exist in the quantum field.
  • Because we have distortion patterns around and through us, it’s as though we have blinders on. We only resonate with a small number of possibilities. As we do frequency work and release the distortion patterns, our baseline vibration rises. When that happens the frequency that is “us” is more coherent with more of the field, and therefore our possibilities expand.
  • Whether or not you are aware of the possibilities opening to you, they do
  • Usually, possibilities come in unexpectedly through people who mention something to you that seems “random” something that you happen to hear on the radio, or read about online when you weren’t searching for it, etc. When that same “random” thing keeps popping up again in a short period of time, that can be an indication to explore that thread because there is momentum behind it. This is what I mean by “following”, which we have spoken about in other episodes.
  • Oftentimes your Higher Self is trying to talk to you, but we’re usually too distracted or too fixated on what we think we want to notice.
  • When someone tells you that XYZ is going to be your future, even if they’re genuinely tapping into something, it’s not necessarily true because other options exist in the field of possibilities. It simply may be high in probability. Nothing is guaranteed to happen because everything is fluid, whether we’re aware of it or not. When someone tells you XYZ will come to pass, be aware to not give them your power and start to create only that one thing. Doing so negates your ability to create more broadly than how they have defined it.
  • The more distortion patterns we remove, the more free will we have because we no longer have that binding of what those distortions condition us to think, feel, believe, assume, and conclude.
  • The more frequency work we do, the less attached we become to the outcome, which leads to the opening of even more possibilities
  • Although it’s usually unwanted or unpleasant, adversity gives us an opportunity to transcend it, which strengthens us, causing our frequency set point to rise, which then opens up even more possibilities because we can handle more breadth of experience.