One of the questions I get all of the time, is how do I get there faster?
I have always been growth oriented, and also curious about and very interested in different modalities that will allow us to detox more quickly, more efficiently.

From my experience that is the name of the game. The faster we can move the frequency work through the physical fields and release those distortion patterns from the lower vibrating physical, mental and emotional fields the faster we can move on spirit level.
We must ascend not just on the spirit level but on the physical as well.
In this week’s episode “Smoothing Out The Rough Edges” Dennis and I discuss two modalities I’ve found that really help with detox. At the time of filming I hadn’t discovered a third modality called RPR or Reflexive Performance Reset, that coaches are using to create higher physical performance in their athletes with MUCH fewer injuries and faster recovery by activating the nervous system.

If I had known about it when filming this episode, I would definitely have included it as well.
I’m particularly excited about RPR because when the nervous system is aligned with the muscular, there is much more coherence in the whole system. This allows us to be able to take in a greater bandwidth of frequencies and process out detox much more quickly.
What’s cool is you do it to yourself. Once you learn it you don’t need a practitioner.
I’m doing this every day, twice a day.
Please note, that I am not endorsed by any of these modalities.

I also do not and cannot know how they would affect you personally – I’m just sharing what worked for me!
Without the benefit of some sort of modality that can help align the physical body with the changes we make on spirit level, detox is slower to move through the lower vibrating fields.
Some of us can even get stuck in it.
I personally do not like wallowing in detox, and am grateful for any assistance I can get to move through it!
Until next time,



  • There are several modalities that allow you to smooth out rough edges and reduce the intensity during this integration period, allowing you to continue on your path as seamlessly as possible.
  • When experiencing frequency work, the release of distortion patterns occurs at spirit level in real time, followed by the denser and slower vibrating physical body. With these distortion patterns no longer running through us, an adjustment through all the levels is required.
  • Challenges during this adjustment transition often arise most prominently in areas in which we are typically weak. This can include physical symptoms such as colds, headaches, digestive issues, needing to sleep a lot or having disrupted sleep. It can also include emotional and mental symptoms such as depression, anxiety and anger.
  • Often, when we’re experiencing frequency work, when we sleep, we are continuing to release distortion patterns. Without the mind getting in the way of release, this letting go process happens much more quickly and effectively.
  • There are multiple modalities that can help with this transition process, including acupuncture, massages or body work, cryotherapy or floating in sensory deprivation tanks. Two of the most powerful modalities that Karen has found to help process the integration faster through the physical field are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also referred to as the tapping method, and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/tapping method can be a fast and effective way to release emotions from the nervous system and sometimes physical pain from the body. A practitioner can expedite the process if they’re good because they can observe the changes occurring within you as the session takes place. They also don’t have your distortion pattern filters so can often see you more clearly than you may be able to see yourself.
  • Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an effective form of chiropractic in which the practitioner moves the frequency work from the non-spatialized unbound energy, through the bound system of the spine and back out into the unbound. With detox/integration, frequency work must move through the physical realm. NSA accelerates that process with much less friction.
  • Combining one or both of these modalities with things like exercise, cleaning up your diet (in particular the amount of sugar and caffeine you consume) and mindfully drinking more water can make a significant difference in the length and intensity of your detox experience.