Learn how to produce more, inspired from a higher order, which leads to a greater sense of fulfillment while maintaining a sense of calm, stability and forward movement throughout the process.


  • In the traditional, old paradigm of productivity, you either have to work more hours or buckle down and churn out more at a more frenetic pace in order to increase productivity. This often can lead to burn out.
  • What I call, “inspired productivity” is when we’re resourced from a much higher vibrating state which is based in neutrality and therefore less attachment to specific outcomes and how they’re achieved. When that level of neutrality is attained it becomes clear much more quickly what is priority instead of hammering through things just to get them done.
  • With inspired productivity, there is still effort and output, but there is more joyfulness and fulfillment in the creation of whatever you’re doing, and yet more gets done.
  • Hammering it out through the mind just to get something done often does not have the same frequency level as something inspired so the impact is often much less than something resulting from inspired productivity.
  • With inspired productivity there is still a commitment to forward motion; however, when there is a lull in the forward motion one is able to honor that lull and watch and wait. Often there is a pause before the desired objective can come into form, and often that lull or pause is because the greater timing is lining up to give you more ease, efficiency, and/or greater impact.
  • It’s important to have both discipline in work (“doing”) and discipline in stillness (“being”). The discipline in work is moving in inspired, focused action towards an end goal without attachment. The discipline in stillness is to honor the pause in energy that happens to allow for the percolation or gestation of something from a higher order to come through.
  • In the gestation space there is so much power because that is where the surrender to Pure Source happens. When we commit to periods of stillness (not distraction – stillness) and put them into our calendars, when we come out of the periods of stillness there is so much more clarity, magic and  synchronicity that much more can get done.
  • In order to have more momentum to begin productivity, for those with challenges I suggest going back to the previous podcast episode Dreaming in the Goal – What To Do About Them, so that the inspiration can come from a higher order.
  • If you’re not inspired and keep getting stuck around this, explore what makes your heart sing so you’re in a better state to dream what will allow you to feel more joyful, fulfilled, inspired, adventurous or whatever it is you’re seeking, then the inspired productivity can come in to support it.
  • When we release more and more distortion patterns, the blocks preventing us from moving into action, receiving inspiration, and knowing where to go next start to peel away. This makes space for things to so that new thoughts, new ideas, people, remedies, and resources can come in at exactly the right time.