Learn how intimacy begins with our relationship with ourselves, and how only once that solid foundation is established can we experience true intimacy with others.


  • One of the things that many of us would like to do is be able to fully accept and love with ourselves but before we can get there we need to be able to see ourselves clearly and accept what is there.
  • Typically most people are looking for intimate partnership to find completion, a sense of fulfillment, a feeling of being loved, or even being worthy of being loved.
  • Until we can feel love within ourselves, for ourselves, it’s really difficult to truly, unconditionally love someone else without an energetic hook to receive something in return from that other person.
  • When you have two beings who are complete on spirit level then you’re not needing the other to feel completion, happiness, or fulfillment because you already have it within yourself. When you do come together from that space, it is a joyful giving because there really are no strings attached, allowing both parties to be free.
  • Within an intimate partnership, because you are masterminding (you only need two being with a common intention for a mastermind to form), a third essence is created. The higher resonating and at peace each party is within themselves, the more momentum this gives the mastermind which then buoys each of the individual parties to a higher level.
  • If you can’t make yourself happy, no one else can make you happy — at least not beyond a fleeting moment. By making someone else responsible for your happiness, you are burdening them with an impossible task.
  • When people feel unhappy and they feel like they need someone else to make them happy, that expectation is often really more about control over the other so they feel safe or certain than it is about “happiness”, especially if they’re willing to sacrifice the other’s freedom or emotional state in order for them  to experience that feeling of safety or being comfortable.
  • Emotional intimacy is not just between lovers, it can be between close friends, parents and children, siblings, etc.
  • Once we know, accept and eventually love ourselves then we free ourselves and others from fear, control, manipulation, etc., and open up the possibility of real intimacy between ourselves and others.