When I first started meditating I found it extremely frustrating.

I would sit on a cushion, count my breaths and try to still my mind.

But my mind had other plans. It would wander off to my to do list, what I wanted to eat for dinner or something that someone said to me earlier that day.

I didn’t really understand why it was so important and what everyone felt it was so awesome.

It kinda just seemed like a waste of time.

I certainly wasn’t very good at it.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I talk about why meditation is so important, how the practice can be so much broader than the way almost everyone talks about it, and how to find a practice that suits you and where you are.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) will start to help you clear the distortion patterns that make it hard for you to sit in meditation, including all that mind chatter!

If we don’t start to clear the distortion patterns that help us meditate more effectively or even explore what meditation is for us, then we are not going to do it.

And since meditation is such a critical piece to our awakening, we won’t be able to move beyond a certain level.

What works for some doesn’t for others. There are often many paths to the same place!

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  • Meditation is key to the process of awakening, but it doesn’t have to look a specific way in order to be effective
  • From Karen’s perspective meditation is simply when we can still ourselves enough that we can be fully present in our bodies and drop out of our “thinking” mind
  • In that state of presence we can be open to and experience tremendous change, we can experience or see beyond what we normally do, and it allows us to expand. As a result, awakening happens.
  • For some people, they need to be in motion to access this state of presence, which allows expansion and a natural awakening process.
  • To amplify your moving meditation, you can intentionally connect even more to Pure Source and this will increase it.
  • A key to meditating effectively is to stay present in your body and to dive even deeper within it, not to send your awareness outside yourself, chasing after an experience
  • This kind of “journeying” or projecting your consciousness into different realms is not awakening, although it can be fascinating as an experience.
  • Often people are not stable or strong enough on spirit level to prevent themselves from being pulled into different realms.
  • From Karen’s perspective, it’s important to focus on clearing our distortion patterns to get to the point that we are very stable and centered from spirit perspective, so when we get to the zero point, we can then have the capacity and stability both on the spirit and physical level to be able to be with the much higher frequencies that are part of the awakened or spirit states.
  • For those who want to ascend higher, the higher we go in our frequency patterns, many will find that they get pulled into meditation, sometimes at inconvenient moments. This is because our spirits are upgrading.
  • 3 things can happen at higher level meditations (watch the full episode to find out).
  • Another natural consequence of the awakening process is that you will want to become physically stronger in order to sustain the higher level frequencies that come with spiritual ascension.