I remember arriving at a seminar that was pretty hard core woo woo.
The first thing that happened when everyone came together is people started to name drop about what teachers they’d learned from, what retreats they’d been to, what they ate, what they didn’t eat, how often they wore white when they meditated, what crystals they used.
I noticed that the people who seemed the least advanced and the most insecure to me were the ones who were dominating the conversation.
The people who from what was confirmed later, had the most wisdom, were the most quiet.
In this week’s episode “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall” Dennis and I talk about the importance of looking in the mirror unflinchingly to see the light AND the dark around and within us, how the mirror is often foggy with our distortions and how easy it can be to get caught up the judgement of spiritual arrogance as some of us chase the brilliance and try to avoid the darkness.
The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you start to clear your mirror so you can start to walk that fine line of mastery between the light and the dark, that I call the zero point.
The zero point is the gateway to the infinite spirit realm.
To get there we need to have the capacity and the stability to handle the extremely high frequency levels at this point.

If we don’t clear these distortion patterns of not wanting to see the darkness around and within us, not only will we stay stuck at the levels that we’re at, we will experience increasing polarization and intensity with the darkness until we are willing to look and accept it.
To be very clear, I’m in NO WAY suggesting to succumb to, be seduced by or be co-opted by the darkness.
I’m suggesting that it is part of the duality that we exist in and in order to ascend we need to see it, accept it and transcend it.
Until next time!



  • Spiritual arrogance happens as we go down our spirit path and start to think “I’ve got this” and we start to judge others as “so unenlightened” when they criticize or suggest things instead of looking to see if there is something to learn
  • There is also a tendency in the new age or spiritual movement to not want to look at the darkness within and around us.
  • When we do not acknowledge the darkness within us and we say affirmations or whatnot to make us feel better the incongruence between our internal state and what we’re telling ourselves is true only creates more distortion
  • Our so called “negative” emotions can catalyze tremendous change but we spend so much time trying to avoid having them that we create even more distortion instead of using them as leverage forward
  • To look at oneself unflinchingly is a discipline.
  • To notice the patterns that recur in your life the most effectively requires that NOT be in a position of wanting to defend your perspective as correct, or right or justified. It’s to be willing to look and see what is really there without judging it
  • Notice when you feel a need to feel better, more important, more significant, more powerful than someone else in order to feel better about yourself.
  • When we catch ourselves shutting down our openness by saying “I already know that?” it’s important to ask ourselves “Do we already know that? Why are we not open to whatever this person is suggesting?” It’s OK to disagree or to decide it’s not for us, but to immediately close because we think we know better is spiritual arrogance and can slow our growth tremendously
  • Much of we believe or assume to be right, appropriate, good, or the way it should be is a direct result of the distortion patterns often from lineage and culture
  • The mirror is only as clear as you allow it to be and is often foggy with our distortion patterns
  • The clearer we become from releasing the distortion patterns, the clearer the mirror is