I was raised to be an overachiever.
My parents both grew up poor. They worked hard full time to put themselves through college.
Full time jobs + Full time studies = Intense.
As Chinese immigrants to Canada they were going to make darn sure that their kids had every opportunity they did not.
I always thought my intense over achiever-ness was solely derived from having a really high standard.
I just figured if my standard was higher than most people’s so too would be my success.
It was. But that “success” or money never seemed like quite enough. I was in scarcity even though abundance was all around me.

I just couldn’t feel it.
When I started frequency work, I realized that the main pattern behind my scarcity was a pattern of non worthiness around abundance and ease. So no matter how hard I worked and how much Chris and I earned, I never felt I had enough.
In this week’s episode, Dennis and I talk about the Key to Personal Freedom, what it is, how transcending two specific frequencies is key to being able to experience our brilliance.
This step is MASSIVE in our spirit growth.
When I finally got this, how I felt about abundance and money totally shifted.
The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end of the episode is the most important part. It will begin to help you remove the distortion patterns that are keeping you from personal freedom and experiencing your brilliance.
This is a critical step. We can’t get past a certain level until we “get” this.
So let’s get goin’!
Until next time



  • The number one wounding for people is low self-worth. When people experience a ceiling or often get stuck in a particular area, for example, with intimate relationships, abundance, or health – there is often a frequency of low self-worth or non deserving present.
  • This frequency pattern is often a lineage pattern which can limit how much love, abundance, expansiveness and ease a person can experience because if the frequencies dictate an unworthiness beyond a certain threshold, it’s extremely challenging for you to move beyond what you currently experience.
  • The other challenge with this frequency distortion pattern is that it often causes us to look outside of ourselves for validation. We’re always looking for external approval, validation to feel complete because we don’t feel like we’re enough.
  • Until we are internally strong on spirit level and recognize or experience our own brilliance we will always seek outside of ourselves for our worthiness. For some, it doesn’t matter how much positive validation is given, until we are complete from spirit level we won’t feel like we are enough.
  • When we experience our own brilliance we are free because we don’t need that external validation. It becomes irrelevant.
  • Without removing the distortion pattern, it doesn’t matter how much therapy or meds you take. That feeling of non worthiness will remain.
  • Often where we have patterns of low self worth or non deserving is where we have difficulty being with ourselves, where we don’t have ease or where we don’t want to look at and try to avoid. Having personal accountability and noticing that will allow you to see where this may be running in you and to release it.
  • Once you release these patterns, the change can look small to the outside world but internally can feel huge in terms of your experience of the world.
  • Removing this frequency work distortion can catalyze people to leave a job that does not serve them, leave a relationship they don’t want to be in. It frees them of the societal idea that it is better to be in an OK relationship or job than be without and in one’s one space. It gives them the opportunity to appreciate themselves which often leads to better, more highly resonating matches in the future.
  • Feelings of undeserving and low self-worth can activate the pain body, which then causes us to stay stuck.
  • Once you remove this frequency pattern even if you’re not aware that you it new possibilities open up because you’re starting to shift, open and rise in frequency vibration.
  • When we transcend low self worth and non deserving we are able to recognize our own brilliance and accept it in ourselves, which means that we will not want to accept things that are less than our own brilliance and therefore what come in for us is of a much higher resonation.