“Karen, money doesn’t grow on trees.”

I was standing in the grocery store, about 5 years old, and my mom was teaching me how to compare the pricing of the one can of chickpeas to another.

“If you are missing a single penny, you won’t have enough to buy what you want.” She said. “You have to work hard to make sure you have enough pennies.”

I never looked at a penny quite the same way again.

I would often feel guilty if I bought things that weren’t on sale, her words echoing in the back of my subconscious.

Our lineage binds us more than we realize.

We believe that our thoughts, assumptions, conclusions are ours alone but they are very much inherited from our lineage.

Over 80% of our distortions patterns come from our lineage.


The field of epigenetics is proving from a science perspective that what our great, great, grandparents experienced can affect our choices and how we experience our lives.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I talk about lineage, how it impacts us on a frequency level, and in our experience of our lives.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will start to help release these patterns that are keeping us bound in the same loop that our family before us were trapped in.

Without the frequency work, we not only repeat those same patterns, they intensify through the generations.

That means unless you delete these patterns, they will not only run through you, but through your children too.

Isn’t it time to start to free ourselves?

Until next time!



  • So much of what holds us back as well as what can propel us forward is dictated by lineage
  • Many of our beliefs, conclusions and assumptions are inherited from family members that came before us
  • What is binding you could have originated in an ancestor many, many generations before you, particularly if the experience they had was highly emotional or traumatic
  • The frequencies can carry forward and intensify through the generations
  • Not only can emotional or traumatic experiences (such as starvation, war, genocide etc) to prior generations affect you now but so too can dark contracts because those often bind the lineage (watch the full episode to learn more)
  • When we clear our lineage patterns, it starts to clear the distortion patterns of our children, especially if they’re younger and of our parents and the lineage behind them
  • Epigenetics is starting to prove that what our ancestors experienced affects how and what we experience in our lives today even if we did not know them