“Girls are stupid!”

“Boys have cooties!”

We all remember the silly things we said about each other when we were little.

As we get older, although it usually becomes more subtle, the name calling often continues, even if it takes on a different guise. And it can cause even more wounding because of the pervasive power dynamics at work in sex and gender politics in the current paradigm. 

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I discuss the third in the three part mini series of the Transcendent Feminine, Transcendent Masculine and the unique ratio of each within us

This is the big picture of how we have both aspects within – in a ratio specific to us, how negation of either of these causes distortion within us and slows us down on spirit level, and how when both the feminine and masculine are clear within us and in union, we can clearly express the highest resonation of our authentic selves.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end of this episode is the most important part. It will help begin to clear the distortion patterns around both the feminine and the masculine.

Without this clearing, it is hard for us to have ease within ourselves or to attract a partner of a higher order.

Here’s to clear unity within!

Until next time,



  • We have both masculine and feminine frequencies within us. Each of us has our own unique blend of the two, with the majority of people having one which is more predominant, but in varying degrees.
  • There is a growing awareness of the importance of discovering and experiencing both the masculine and the feminine in their truer essence without the cultural distortion patterns.
  • For a long time in the dominant cultural paradigm, the characteristics associated with the feminine have been considered weak. What has happened with feminism is that there is often a confusion – that being a “strong woman” means to be in one’s masculine even if that is not what you predominantly identify with.
  • The “strong” masculine is often associated with being dominant, abusive, and controlling.
  • In addition to this discovery of these true essences, it’s important to not negate the less predominant aspect in yourself, or to abuse, control or belittle it, because you’re negating a part of yourself.
  • When we clear both aspects, irrespective of what ratio they are within us (some have much more predominance of the masculine and less feminine, for others it’s the opposite, and there are many in whom it is more equal), then we can come into more wholeness, more union within ourselves.
  • When we clear the distortion patterns around both, then we have the freedom and the choice to be a more authentic expression of who we really are, in whatever ratio of feminine to masculine or vice versa you are – each in our own way, because we all have different ratios of within us.
  • When we do not negate the less dominant aspect then the predominant aspect can become clearer, brighter and stronger because there is no distortion or negation of any aspect of ourselves