When I was a kid, my little sister thought I was the best thing, EVER.

She always wanted to do what I was doing. She followed me around, always wanting to play games with me. Occasionally she’d hang on to my leg as I walked.

I developed REALLY strong legs.

We had fun together, but I also wanted to just hang out on my own some times. That didn’t deter her. She just wanted to be with me. My mom thinking of me as a free babysitting service didn’t help!

At the time, the bonus for me was she’d pretty much do whatever I’d tell her to.


Lucky for her, I was a good kid and had a sense that it would be mean to abuse her by telling her to do things that probably wouldn’t be so good for her. I felt what she’d feel if I were to be mean to her, so I wasn’t.

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I discuss a new paradigm that I call Transcendent Leadership. We talk about why this turns the old paradigm of leadership on its head, what frequency authority is, how massive the ripple effect of Transcendent Leadership is, and how those who are doing frequency work are moving towards embodying this at different rates.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help to begin to remove the distortion patterns that may be keeping you from embodying this type of leadership.

Without removing these distortion patterns, we can easily get stuck in old patterns of power, control, oppression and abuse.

I’m all for moving toward a higher order!

Until next time,




  • Most people tend to think of leadership as away from or unrelated to them personally, as in politics or in corporations. Leadership, however, shows up in all relationships (friendships, work relationships, family dynamics, etc.), where typically someone is leading the group if not explicitly, then energetically, either consciously or not), whether it’s a group of two of fifty, or more.
  • In the current paradigm, often in order to be in a position of power, the leader has to or has had to oppress others in order to have that power. Often the elements of greed, control, and/or fear come into play, and in many cases the leader has assumed that role in order to gain (personally) the most he or she can from acting in that role.
  • Transcendent leadership means that enough distortion patterns have been removed that the leader’s authority comes naturally from being of a higher vibration, and because they are of a higher order of consciousness, everyone wins from that person being in leadership. The key is there is no oppression of another for that authority, and it always being a win-win situation, for all parties.
  • Transcendent leadership comes from having frequency authority, which happens as one clears more and more distortion patterns and one’s frequency vibration rises. As a result, that person has greater magnetism – more people are attracted to and give what that individual says more weight, and people will naturally follow him or her simply because of their presence.
  • A Transcendent Leader is not attached to a particular outcome, and there’s less ego at stake, so the nature of collaboration shifts to a higher order. In the old paradigm, there is often power jockeying.  In new paradigm Transcendent Leadership, it’s more about following whatever idea is of a higher resonation. Being aware of that higher resonating idea and moving towards it as a group, there’s no need for positioning for personal power and gain within the group or dropping accountability because they’re not the ones who are the leader or stand to gain.
  • The team becomes much more efficient and more adaptable because it is entraining to the higher resonation of the transcendent leader. The whole group pulls forward because there is a oneness that starts to happen. More creativity, more out of the box thinking, more efficiency, more innovation happens.
  • Position in terms of hierarchy within the group becomes less relevant, and more fluid and natural.
  • When we are more internally complete on spirit level, and not operating from a place of oppression, we don’t need to struggle for power so therefore we are more aware that we are more accountable to the group because others will follow us because of our higher level of vibration.  It’s a remembering of a higher level of oneness within the collective. What happens to them happens to me, so the nature of the choices of the leader changes.
  • When we are in the field of a higher resonation, our own frequency is buoyed within that field and we have a sense of greater internal stability, completion and stillness. As a result, mind chatter stills and the people within that group want to move towards the higher resonating idea so the phenomena of “too many cooks in the kitchen” happens less, because people are willing to play a supporting role however that looks rather than trying to impress the person who is in power or manipulate how they appear to others.
  • The Transcendent Leader holds the space for the higher resonating outcome and therefore the group feels safe to adapt and shift where appropriate.