There are times where the most random things seem to pop in my head for no reason.

“I need to pack zip ties for this trip.”

A moment later, when I think about it “Really? Nah. What would I ever need zip ties for?” That voice of reason prevails and I don’t bring the zip ties. After all, I’m trying to pack less, not more!

Of course, 4 days into the trip, in the weirdest confluence of circumstances, zip ties are EXACTLY what I need. Doh! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Our intuition is one of our most powerful tools.

It is our Higher Self trying to speak to us.

Yet we often negate it with our mind.

In this episode, Dennis and I discuss intuition, how to strengthen it, irrespective of whether we think we’re intuitive or not, what magic and acceleration can happen when we do follow it − even if we don’t really know why we’re doing what we’re doing.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help to begin to turn the volume down on the mind and turn the volume up on your intuition.

If we do not strengthen our intuition, if we continue to negate it because of our distortion patterns, it just gets weaker and weaker.

It atrophies. Just like a muscle.

And in time, it stops speaking to us at all.

Without intuition, magic and synchronicity are very difficult to access.

Let’s have more magic!

Until next time,



  • We all have intuition whether or not we have developed it or are even aware of it.

  • Just like with a muscle, we can strengthen our intuition.

  • In our culture intuition is not really fostered because there is so much emphasis on the mind. different control sources from developing and trusting our intuition, because if we did we’d be difficult

  • Learn the 3 ways to strengthen intuition (watch the full episode)

  • Notice what happens when you DO follow your intuition; notice what happens when you DON’T

  • Intuition shows up in many ways. For some it’s a feeling, for others it can be an impulse to move in a certain direction, sometimes a bodily sensation like chills or goosebumps, and for some it’s a sensation of tension compelling them to act, speak or move

  • Strengthening intuition is a practice. The more we trust it, and follow the intuition despite the self doubt, the stronger our intuition becomes, and the more confidence we have in it and our selves

  • The voice of doubt that comes right after intuition is the mind, which is very influenced by our distortion patterns

  • Notice both the clarity of knowingness of the intuition and the chatter of the mind which is a reflection of the distortions

  • The more we trust our intuition the less we have to counsel with others for confirmation and the faster and more efficient our decision making becomes

  • As we develop our intuition, there is a greater sense of curiosity and openness to more possibilities because we are in a more open, fluid state