Learn what is the bigger picture of clearing distortion patterns, not only in terms of living our best lives in this lifetime but what it means in the context of our eternal selves and the Oneness.


        Most people start with frequency work because they want to achieve, resolve or transcend something – abundance, health, relationship, more joy, more peace.

        Once we start to achieve these things in the physical realm, many of us ask what is the bigger picture? Why is frequency work so important?

        The ripple effect impact of the work of one individual clearing their frequency distortions, especially at the higher levels, on the Oneness is huge.

        We are all threads in the tapestry of the Oneness. Each of our threads is required for the tapestry to be complete.

        The color of our thread is unique to us and it’s up to us to choose how subdued or how bright that color is. The more we brighten our individual color, the more the overall color of the tapestry brightens.

        The more and fuller you experience life, the brighter your color.

        As you clear more and more distortion patterns, once you hit a certain level many of the people in your family and your life will start to want to follow you on spirit level because of the momentum you’re creating.

        Focusing on your own clearing allows you to benefit other people without getting involved directly or having to “meddle” in their lives.

        Some relationships will fall away as your vibrations get clearer and brighter because not everyone can sustain being around the clarity of those higher frequencies.

        Those higher frequencies cause others’ distortion patterns to get louder or more obvious to them. Some people don’t like the feeling so they’ll distance themselves, whereas others will want to follow and start to clear their own distortion patterns.

        The more people who do this frequency work and clear distortion patterns, the greater the impact on the collective consciousness, which gets to rise  whether or not they are aware of it.

        We cannot force the timing of the beginning of the awakening of another being, no matter how much we love them or how much we want it for them – the best thing we can do is lead by example and focus on letting go of our own “stuff”.

        There are three impacts of this work in this lifetime, the collective and the eternal (watch the full episode to learn what these are).