When I was in my early 20s I became interested in Buddhism.
I read a lot about the middle path and attachment being the root of suffering.
I kinda got it intellectually but I didn’t really understand how to get to that neutral point.
There seemed to be a lot of talk about it, but no concrete instructions on how to actually get there.
The zero point is similar to the middle path. The difference is, it’s experiential not intellectual – you don’t even need to understand it to experience it.
The fastest, most efficient way to get there that I know of, is to clear distortion patterns.
Once you get to the zero point, you realize it’s not a point, it’s an ever narrowing path. And it happens to be the fastest way to ascend.
Back it up. Did I just say the fastest way?
To help clarify this extremely important and advanced topic, in this week’s episode Dennis and I discuss what the zero point is, how it can be our liberation and how to achieve it.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help you begin to clear the distortion patterns that prevent you from being in or getting to this point.
If we don’t clear these distortion patterns, we tend to ping from one increasingly extreme lesson to another, sometimes, lifetime after lifetime until we finally get it.
I’m all for getting there, this time around!
Until next time,


  • The zero point is the center point between the light and the dark. It is not a single point but rather a path. If you can imagine a triangle, with the center point at the base, as we ascend in our vibrational level, the zero point moves up the very center of the triangle toward the apex.
  • At the base, the experience of the extremes of lightness and darkness is greater and diminishes in extremes as we move up towards the apex. This is because you are refining your experience. You have already experienced the extremes so as your vibrational level rises if you stay within the zero point, you no longer need to experience what you have already learned. For example if at the base the experience is of excessive alcohol consumption, the next level up you might experience cleaning up your diet so your physical health continues to get better and less extreme.
  • When seeking awakening, we all desire and tend to focus on the light, or brilliance. Brilliance does not require us to sustain itself. At its extreme, it has no form – it simply exists. Our bodies are of density, form, matter – the lower vibrating end of the spectrum – and as a result are on the “darker” or “denser” side of that spectrum from light to dark or ethereal to dense . You can only ascend into the brilliance to a certain level without the grounding of density or you’d simply pop out of your body. At the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, beings of the darkness are not self-sustaining, and need an energetic life force to survive, which is why possessions happen.
  • The zero point is mastery over both the light and the dark because both exist in this realm. To be clear, mastering in this context does not mean to be seduced by or co-opted by the darkness. It is about acknowledging that the darkness exists in this realm, accepting that it exists, it has a valid place in our reality, and transcending it.
  • As you rise up the triangle, you will eventually reach the apex, where you transcend both lightness and darkness. At that apex, when you pass through that eye of the needle, you enter what is an inverted triangle and  begin expansion into the infinite, spirit realm.
  • As you rise in vibrational level, the path of the zero point narrows, and darkness can creep in to test you and your resolve to stay within the zero point. The stakes get higher as you rise in vibrational level.
  • At the zero point, you experience a neutrality and a peace with what is, that is profound.
  • The more frequency work you do, the more you remove distortions, a natural consequence is that you move towards the zero point