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When I was a kid, there was a board game that came out that was called “Trouble.”

My sister and I didn’t have this game but boy did I want to play it.

It had this cool dome thing in the middle that you pressed to make the dice inside the dome roll.

And you moved your game piece around on this awesome board that had cylindrical stands in each position that you advanced your piece through.

A friend of mine actually had the game, so on a sleepover party with two other girls I played Trouble for the first time.

And I got totally crushed by the friend who had the board.

I remember I cried because I lost so badly.

I lost because I didn’t understand the rules of the game and how to use them to advance my piece around the board.

I was just really into pressing the dome thing because it was so fun, but of course that wasn’t really enough to win.

Whether it’s a board game or the illusion that we call “reality,” if you don’t really know how it works, you’re a victim of unseen rules that you don’t understand but that you constantly bump up against.

In this week’s episode (#147) Tia and I talk about the other foundation of the illusion — space — why it’s important, how it functions and how to use it to better create your reality.

After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you start clarifying spatial referencing and recognize when you’re not properly centered into the zero point.

If you want to go deeper with this so you feel even more centered and rooted, the full Centering Into The Zero Point GFC (available for purchase on the website) would be a very helpful tool for you if you haven’t done it yet.

When we understand and can refine our embodiment and the coordinates upon which our reality is constructed, life can be much more abundant, fun, pleasurable and magical. Who doesn’t want more of that???

Let’s rise together!



  • There are rules to the illusion that allow us to interact with it collectively. Without the building blocks of space and time, we wouldn’t be able to experience the collective illusion. These coordinates are the foundation of what we experience as our reality.
  • We’re most empowered when we’re in the zero point of space and time. We can co-create more effectively and intentionally from this centered place. Most people, however, aren’t well centered in space and time, and it has an impact: they become klutzy, experience more physical pain, get bullied more easily, are more prone to depression and anxiety, etc., as a result.
  • The zero point of space is physically located in the middle of each individual’s solar plexus. Triangulating brings you into awareness of where you are in space so that you can come into the zero point. Centered in the zero point, you can release distortion patterns more easily.
  • The higher your resonance becomes, the more easily and quickly you can sense when you’re out of the zero point of space. The body is a great tool: movement or breath work will help amp up your bioenergy and get you present in your body. Back in the zero point, you feel centered and stable.
  • There’s a GFC available on the website called Centering Into the Zero Point. Part of the GFC is devoted to clearing distortion patterns that keep us from staying in the zero point. With this particular GFC, there’s a special six-minute recording that will help you quickly get back into the zero point. If you find yourself out of zero, listening to this will center you and change the course of your day for the better. Being in zero gives you more influence on the collective reality. If you would like to dive in even deeper, you can consider the Towards the Zero Point − Strengthening, Neutrality and Detachment Deep Dive.