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When I was growing up, we’d visit with my dad’s sister at least once a year.

To say she was frugal was a serious understatement.

Whenever we went to her place, instead of using hand towels, we would dry our hands on old t-shirts that were clean but too threadbare to wear. To scrub her dishes we’d use crumpled-up aluminum peel-off tops from old yogurt canisters that she saved for food storage.

When she died, we went to her condo to clean out all of her things. Jam-packed under her bed in a suitcase were all of these brand-new fluffy towels that she’d bought on sale but never allowed herself to use, along with never-worn shoes that she was saving until what she was using were beyond completely worn through.

And she left over 30 beneficiaries a bequest of close to 7 figures, that she never really allowed herself to touch.

It turns out that she was actually fairly well-off, but she never got to enjoy it. For her, it didn’t matter how much money she had saved. Scarcity ran sooo deep that she was going to feel, live, and act like she was poor regardless of how much she had.

In this week’s episode, Fiona and I talk about the illusion of scarcity, how it binds us, and most importantly, how to break free of it.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will begin to release the distortion patterns that bind us in scarcity.

Without releasing the distortion patterns of this GFC, we continue to get caught in one of the heaviest illusions of this reality.

Let’s rise together!™

P.S. If scarcity is a pattern that runs deep for you, in addition to listening to this GFC as many times as you feel called to, I’d suggest either the Financial Abundance Deep Dive or the Spherical Abundance Workshop, whichever resonates more with you, to help give you more momentum to break free of the illusion of scarcity that runs so deep.



Scarcity is everywhere you look. Even in people who seem to have a lot of money, there’s so often a fear that there will not be enough in the future. And actually, it’s not just about money. People experience scarcity of time, resources, love, attention — you name it.

So if it’s everywhere, why am I suggesting that scarcity’s not really real?

In this episode, we’re discussing one of the most pervasive and deep-set illusions at this level of consciousness, and how to break the illusion of scarcity and start to access the limitless abundance that’s our birthright.