How it works

1. What is frequency work?

The purpose of frequency work is to accelerate the awakening process and empower you to start living the highest and best version of your life.

Frequency work does this by raising your frequency resonance, or said differently,  your vibrational rate.

Everything in your life, in your reality, is dictated by how high your frequency resonance is.

The higher your frequency resonance, the more alive you feel, the deeper your sense of connectedness, the more time becomes spacious, and the more you get to experience the magic of life.

Frequency work also creates an internal strength that becomes unshakable, so you’re less triggered by external circumstances like world events, or other people’s stresses, negative emotions, or urgencies.

Frequency work gets to the true root of the problems and challenges we face by dissolving the repetitive patterns that cause whatever you’re struggling with. 

Karen works at spirit level (the level of frequency) where she can perceive the Oneness and work with people’s Higher Selves to dissolve the distortion patterns that create the experience of feeling stuck and disconnected, and cause the repeated suffering in people’s lives.

This is achieved through both Group and Individual Frequency Calibrations® (GFCs, and IFCs). Karen helps you to release these distortion patterns through what to the listener often seems like a form of guided meditation.

For a fuller answer watch Episode 1 of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, “Frequency Work Fundamentals”



2. How could this new paradigm meditation actually change or impact my life?

Because it’s not just meditation. It’s meditation plus frequency work. 

And frequency work gets to the root of the problems and challenges we face by dissolving the patterns that cause whatever you’re struggling with.

Until you release these “distortion patterns,” change in the physical realm can be difficult to attain, take a tremendous amount of effort, be short-lived or feel less satisfying or different than we hoped it would.

The physical can reorganize extremely quickly once you make changes at frequency level, which is like the blueprint of our reality.

When you release distortion patterns, your frequency resonance rises, you feel more complete, more whole, more centered, much less affected by outside stresses, emotions and urgencies—so not only the way you perceive the world changes, but the world you experience changes too.

For a more in depth explanation of this, watch Episode 154 of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, “The 5 Most Important Things About Frequency Work.

3. What if I don't like to meditate, will this still work for me?

Frequency work does not require you to be in meditation in order to be effective. You just have to be sitting, standing, lying down or even walking slowly and mindfully somewhere relatively quiet, with the intention to bring your attention to doing the frequency work. 

Even if you feel like you’ve failed at meditation before, this is totally different. Frequency work can be facilitated and enhanced by meditation but it’s not required.

4. What are the benefits of frequency work?

There are so many, including feeling much more ALIVE and connected.

WAY less agitated by the things that trigger you now. 

You feel less anxious, stressed out, worried, and your mind chatter and all those thoughts stop being so LOUD. 

You feel more centered, internally strong and more at ease within yourself. Many people really start to like and even start to actually love themselves.

There’s an amazing, potentially unfamiliar sense of wholeness, contentment and completeness.

Synchronicities start to happen a LOT. Opportunities that you didn’t notice or weren’t available to you can start appearing.

Life feels aligned with you. And you feel aligned with life.

You’re WAY more present in the moment.

Co-creation or creation-manifestation becomes much, much easier (watch Episode 166 “Creation-Manifestation 2.0” for more info on this)

You start to live in what we refer to as “spherical abundance.”

And most importantly, you’ll remember who you really are.

Watch Episode 154 “The 5 Most Important Things About Frequency Work” for a deeper explanation.

5. Does it still work if my mind wanders or if I fall asleep?

Yes. It’s normal for your mind to wander. If your mind wanders just bring it back to awareness of the body and being in the present moment (rather than letting your mind focus on the future or the past). If you need to move slowly and/or to exert muscularly (i.e. very slow movements like a slow squat or slow lunges) in order to bring yourself back to the present, then go ahead and do it. For some, sitting still isn’t conducive to being in the present moment.

Falling asleep happens when the frequencies in the Group Frequency Calibration®, which we usually refer to as a “GFC” are higher than you are used to and your Higher Self pushes you into a sleep state, so that you can integrate the frequencies more effectively.

We recommend listening to the same GFC again until you can maintain conscious awareness through the entire GFC. Then you’ll know that you’ve integrated the higher frequencies that we were working with.

6. What does it mean if I don't feel anything when I listen to a GFC?

We all perceive things differently so it doesn’t mean anything. 

Some people feel very physical things like heat, coldness, tingling, the feeling of electricity running through the body, their heart rate speeds up or slows down, they feel goose bumps. Often they feel really relaxed or a sense of stillness.

Others have an awareness of a sense of expansion, lightness, stillness, centeredness and many other things.

There are some who feel absolutely nothing while they’re receiving frequency work, but afterwards they feel lighter, somehow different than they did before.

Others feel nothing when they receive frequency work but their lives start to dramatically change for the better immediately or soon after and even during receiving frequency work.

It is important to be aware of your expectations because being aware of your expectations can often point to where you have distortion in your experience. From there you can start the work of releasing those distortions!

7. Is frequency work right for me?

This is an excellent question. Frequency work with Karen is an efficient, highly effective and a very intense transformational process. As the frequency patterns shift or leave, the experience can be quite challenging depending on who you are. (See question about detox below.)

For people who are truly ready to take absolute personal accountability for their own growth, to move forward, to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping them stuck, and are willing to do the additional work of looking at themselves, taking responsibility for being where they are in whatever circumstances they find themselves in—many people have found that this work accelerated them forward into a new, more highly resonating and much better version of reality.

For people who tend to blame others for their problems, who have difficulty seeing a situation from another’s perspective and/or who are not willing or not able to take personal responsibility for themselves and the things that happen in their lives, this is not the right work for you.

We invite you to reflect deeply, because this work is not for everyone. If you tend to see your experience as everyone and everything doing things TO you, and you do not see yourself as an active participant in the situations that arise in your life, this work is probably not for you because this is an indication that you are not at the stage of readiness where you accept that it is you who is primarily responsible for creating your own experience, whether or not that creation is at a conscious level.

We realize that to answer these questions accurately requires a level of self-awareness and observation, but if the above rings true on some level, we encourage you to strongly consider that this work is probably not right for you at the current time.

Cancellations and Refunds

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Please visit this page to view our cancellation and refund policy.

Getting the most out of frequency work: what to do and what not to do!

1. How often should I listen to a GFC?

As often as you feel compelled or drawn to. At some point, you’ll forget or stop feeling that pull and you’ll know the integration is complete.

There’s no such thing as listening to a GFC too much. It will never harm you—it will only ever accelerate you.

2. How do the replays work on frequency level if I'm not on a call live? Are they as effective as listening live?

Listening to a replay is as effective as listening to a live event.

Frequency work is given at the level of frequency or spirit level. Everything, everywhere on spirit level is happening all at once in the Eternal Now.

That is why you do not need to be physically proximate to Karen when she’s working, because she is working beyond space and linear time—she’s perceiving and working on “you” at frequency level. (For more on this watch Episode 131 “Everything You Need to Know About Frequency Work” starting at 7:23.)

When she gives a GFC, Karen is doing the work while accessing the Eternal Now, which is the non-linear “time” that everything at the level of spirit happens. 

The recording does not hold the frequencies of the event. When you listen to the recording she pulls you into the timestamp in linear time that is the access point to the work that was done in the Eternal Now.

So it’s as if you were participating live at the time that it was given in linear time.

For a more in depth answer watch Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work” starting at 19:36.

3. Is a remote session just as good as receiving frequency work in person?

Frequency work is happening at the level of frequency or spirit level or the Oneness or Pure Source (these are all synonyms).

Because it is happening in the Eternal Now, beyond linear time and space (please refer to the question above—how do the replays work?, it doesn’t matter whether Karen can see you nor does she need to be physically proximate to you.

All of her IFCs are remote for clients all over the world—most of whom she’s never met in person and the change they experience is often life changing!

For a more in depth explanation watch Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work” starting at 7:23

4. I keep falling asleep whenever I listen to a GFC, why does that happen? Is it important that I stay awake?

This happens when the frequencies in the GFC are higher than you are used to and your Higher Self pushes you into a sleep state, so that you can integrate the frequencies more effectively.

We recommend listening to the same GFC again until you can maintain conscious awareness through the entire GFC. Then you’ll know that you’ve integrated those higher frequencies.

5. Can I listen to a GFC too much?

No. Please see the answer to #1 above “How often should I listen to a GFC?”  

For a more in depth answer watch Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work” starting at 3:46.

6. What does integration (also referred to as "detox") look like and why does it happen?

Not everyone detoxes but many do. This is the process of your physical, mental and emotional fields catching up and adjusting to the work that has happened on spirit level.

The length and intensity of this period depends on the individual. How much we are willing to be personally accountable for, how much fear we have, how much we are willing to let go. For some they experience no detox—they simply go to sleep, reset in sleep and wake up adjusted to the higher frequency level. Many do, however, experience some level of detox.

Detox can show up in a number of different ways. It can be physical, so you may need a lot of sleep, you might have disrupted sleep, you may have extremely vivid dreams, you may get a really bad cold or flu or headache, or even aches and pains. Once that passes out of you, your physical body will have caught up with your spirit body and you’ll have reset to your new higher frequency level.

It can also be mental or emotional. You may feel cranky, tired, out of sorts, empty, spacey, maybe not quite yourself, maybe not quite sure what to feel. If you have a tendency towards anxiety, panic, fear, worry, anger, depression, abuse, then you may feel that more intensely (for some, much more) after the session as your body resets itself as the frequency distortion patterns leave.

Also people mirroring the patterns which you deleted may show up. For example, if you have removed the distortion of being bullied, it may be that random people you don’t even know show up and start trying to tell you what to do. Instead of reacting automatically, notice what is happening. Pause for a second or two to become aware of what is happening and ask yourself what you’d normally do—in this example, you might in the past have easily given in to the bully. This time, this experience is an opportunity to recognize that pattern and decide you do not want this any more, so instead you stand up for yourself. That signals that you are choosing something different and are confirming the deletion of the pattern.

Why? Because you have free will and you are accountable on spirit level for your own growth and path. No one is accountable for you but you alone. Karen cannot take that accountability from you nor would she be willing to!

There are some situations that arise, as frequencies shift or as distortion patterns are released, that are very intense experientially. Some people have blamed Karen for creating the situation because they drop into fear in the intensity of the experience. 

But this sort of situation is created by the release of the distortion patterns that already exist within you. As they are being released from your field, they are still present and impact your reality. This is simply part of the clearing process. There is no one else to blame, and certainly not Karen as she is helping to release the distortion patterns from you. 

Only you can create your own experience. Karen does not put frequencies in people. She shifts and removes them. These people are simply seeing—possibly for the first time—what they thought was inherent to them (meaning who they actually ARE) leaving them. But because they are not willing to take accountability for their own stuff, they look to blame someone else as they habitually do.

In these cases, the best thing to do would be to choose to take responsibility for their experience and their reality, and allow the distortion patterns time to clear fully out of the physical, mental, emotional fields. Once this is allowed to happen, accompanied by the acceptance of personal responsibility, they have the opportunity to experience a very different, and much better, reality without that particular distortion pattern running. Even in the cases where they do choose to be accountable, though, the patterns can still be invited back in and repeated. This is where “confirming the removal” comes in. 

For a more detailed explanation of confirming the removal of a distortion pattern and why it is so critical, watch Episode 101 of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, “The Most Powerful Tool In Your Tool Kit

For assistance with this crucial process, we have a Confirming The Removal GFC that’s available on the website.

Again, this comes down to free will. No one is accountable for you but you alone—your path is yours alone.

If you are unable or unwilling to take personal responsibility, this work is not right for you at the current time (please see “is this work right for me?”).

To learn how to gain the most from the strengthening that happens through the detox or integration process watch Episode 155 “Making Some Serious Lemonade — Strengthening Through Detox”

7. What can I do between IFCs or GFCs on my own to accelerate my momentum and release more distortion patterns?

There are 6 Core Essentials which accelerate awakening whatever level of frequency resonance you are at. 

To find out more about what these are, how they work to accelerate your momentum whatever level of frequency resonance you’re at and why they’re so empowering watch Episode 175 of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, “The Super Secret Special Sauce To Accelerated Awakening”.

8. Can frequency work hurt me or have negative side effects?

No, frequency work cannot harm you. The only thing to be aware of is that, for some, detox or integration can be an intense experience as you purge out the distortion patterns that keep you stuck in the various areas in your life. And that intensity of experience can be incorrectly mistaken for things worsening. 

What is really happening, though, is that the distortion patterns are leaving you, and as they do, they can intensify. Once they’re released however, the resulting jump in frequency resonance AND positive experience in your life can be pretty spectacular.

For a more in depth answer, watch Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work” starting at 3:46.

9. Can distortion patterns come back once you've released them?

No, unless you “invite” them to return. For a deeper discussion of how distortion patterns work and what distortion pattern removal is, watch  Episode 101 “The Most Important Tool In Your Toolkit”.

10. What does it mean if I don't feel anything when receiving a GFC? Do I have to feel anything for it to work?

You definitely do NOT have to feel anything for a GFC to be working. Frequency work happens at the level of Pure Source or Source (i.e. the Oneness), which is very subtle. 

Some people perceive or feel a LOT with their perception sense. Some people feel physical sensations (such as tingling, heat, relaxation, sleepiness, a change in their breath, goosebumps). Some people feel their minds slow down, a sense of stillness or centeredness. Some people neither feel nor perceive anything but they know somehow that something has profoundly shifted that they can’t quite put their finger on.

Other people feel nothing during the GFC but afterwards feel less triggered, more present, more centered, more aware. 

Some people feel nothing but then notice that many more synchronicities happen around them, opportunities open up, people like being with them more and they start to feel more alive. 

Where do I start?

1. There are so many great episodes of your vlog/podcast "Mastering Your World Through Frequencies" - where should I start?

Understand the big picture of what frequency work is and why it’s so effective: Episode 176 “Frequency Work Fundamentals — Reboot” 

For the top 18 questions we’re asked at Spherical Luminosity: Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work”

Learn the benefits of frequency work and why this work is so transformational: Episode 154 “The 5 Most Important Things About Frequency Work”

Learn the 6 core essentials required for self-empowerment, self-mastery and awakening: Episode 175 “The Secret Special Sauce To Accelerated Awakening”

Learn how 1 little known factor can determine EVERYTHING in your life: Episode 179 “What The Heck Is Raising Your Frequency Resonance?”

A deeper look at confirming the removal—a mission-critical tool for spiritual acceleration and a key to liberation from suffering: Episode 101 “The Most Powerful Tool In Your Toolkit”

When you understand the importance of holding your space, ALL of your relationships can’t help but begin to shift: Episode 122 “Steady as She Goes — Holding Your Space”

Learn what awakening means in the new consciousness, and how the old paradigm idea of guru is about to shift: Episode 173 “Walking The Talk—New Paradigm Leadership”

2. What's the difference between an individual session (IFC) and a group session (GFC)?

An Individual Frequency Calibration® (IFC) is a one-on-one remote session via teleconference. Group Frequency Calibrations® (GFCs) are sessions for a number of people gathered to harness the power of the mastermind to address distortions. Depending on the situation, GFCs are given over a teleconferencing (audio only) platform, over Zoom, or in-person at some live events.

GFCs, because they leverage the accumulated “spirit mass” of the mastermind that has assembled (regardless of when in linear time), create a tremendous amount of momentum for clearing distortion patterns. IFCs are great for specific refinement where needed.

For more on how GFCs work and why they’re so powerful watch Episode 176 “Frequency Work Fundamentals — Reboot” and Episode 131 “What Everyone Wants To Know About Frequency Work” 

3. Aren't IFCs better than GFCs?

This is a common assumption, but it really depends on the situation. 

IFCs are good for addressing specific combinations of issues, but we’ve found that when people only participate in IFCs, at a certain point they may actually need the power and support of the mastermind from the GFCs to help them to push past a plateau or stopping point. Momentum is often greater in GFCs, and especially in the newer hybrid work given in the Limitless Potential Mastermind, than what most people can generate on their own. 

The best approach to give you the most momentum would be to focus primarily on GFCs that are given on topics that feel relevant to you (in the form of online classes, live events, or Deep Dives, etc). Secondary would be occasional IFCs for fine tuning and refinement. And with both the group and individual work, a critical component (and one of the 6 core essentials mentioned just below and elsewhere in these FAQs) is maintaining unwavering attention to confirming the removal of the distortion patterns you’ve addressed in the frequency work you done.

4. How do I know what product is right for me?

Often people will be drawn to products where they get stuck or face the most challenge, which is a great place to start.

One very common issue is experiencing too much mind chatter or having too many spinning thoughts. If this is a challenge for you there is a free Quiet Your Mind online class which includes a powerful Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) to help you reduce all that mental noise. 

If you really want the fastest and most effective acceleration, the program that will empower you to give yourself the most momentum, irrespective of where you currently are on your journey, would be Mastery & Momentum — The 6 Core Essentials

If you’re curious about what stands in the way of manifesting an awesome life and how to overcome it, my ebook Creation-Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It can be a great place to start.

Wherever you choose to begin, I’d recommend including the “Morning Meditation — Setting The Tone of the Day” GFC, which is a 15-minute meditation that helps to set you at the highest frequency resonance available to you, at the beginning of your day.

There’s also the “Confirming The Removal” GFC which empowers you to complete the removal of the distortion patterns you’ve been addressing through the frequency work you’ve been doing. This is one of the most important aspects of frequency work, where you accept responsibility and personal accountability for your growth and transformation.

Another important tool is the “Centering Into The Zero Point” GFC —watch Episode 151 “The Foundation Of The Reality — The Zero Point Of Space & Time” to learn why the zero point is so critical.

Booking an IFC (Individual Frequency Calibration®)

1. How do I book an IFC?

The IFC schedule release is announced in the monthly “Short & Sweet” newsletter that is typically sent out near to the end of each month. You can sign up to receive it by using this link.

To book an IFC, go to the “Book A Session” page on the website at the release date and time indicated in the Short & Sweet newsletter.

We recommend setting an alarm for that date and time because when the next block of Karen’s IFCs are released, they typically sell out very quickly—usually in under 20 minutes.

If you get to the page and there are no appointments available, it is because they have all been booked, or you have checked at a time other than when the next block of sessions has been released.

2. I've noticed that there are no appointments for IFCs available. Does that mean none are available for the rest of the year?

Karen’s IFC schedule is released 4-8 weeks in advance, so if you do not see available dates on the calendar, it is because the upcoming month has sold out.

To sign up to be notified of the release of future IFC dates, please see the answer to #1 above.

3. If I've called in for my IFC, and I've been on hold (hearing hold music) for a couple minutes past my scheduled start time, what's going on? Should I be worried?

Karen sometimes runs a couple of minutes late for IFCs. If you hear music, please write in to [email protected] to confirm that you’re waiting on the line. 

She will take you off hold and greet you when it is your turn.

4. How do I get the most out of an IFC?

Nothing is mandatory (other than confirming the removal, which is spoken about below and in other answers in these FAQs). However, if you to listen to the GFCs associated with the podcast/Vlog “Mastering Your World Through Frequencies” — especially those listed in question #1 under “Where do I start?”, or any GFCs or Deep Dives, and/or the Living Your Brilliance program or Mastery & Momentum, you will really start to pick up momentum.

And with that momentum, the fine-tuning you receive from an IFC will have an exponential effect.

After your first IFC, and then periodically after that, it is strongly recommended that you listen to the special Confirming the Removal GFC that’s available here on the website, so you know how to release the distortion out of the physical density that you have authority over, as well as receive support in doing your essential part of this critical aspect of frequency work.

For a more detailed explanation of confirming the removal of a distortion pattern and why it is so critical, watch Episode 101 “The Most Powerful Tool In Your Toolkit.”

5. What should I expect during an IFC?

It is best to have as few expectations as possible in an IFC, focusing instead on being present and aware of your body, so don’t limit yourself with your preconceived ideas of what a session should be. 

Some people have very physical symptoms like being warm, or tingling, or goose bumps, or a change in their breath, or they feel more relaxed, or a little sleepy, or their mind chatter slows down, or they feel cold.

Some people feel or are aware of many things happening on a non-physical level, through their feeling or perception sense.

Some people feel like time slows down or conversely that the time passes very quickly.

Some people feel expanded, still, or somehow lighter.

And some people feel nothing during the IFC itself but afterwards they feel more centered, more alive, clearer, and/or more focused. Many report noticing more synchronicity in their lives. Many will experience no longer being triggered as much (or even at all) by what they used to. People generally just feel better and better as they progress on their frequency work journey.

How people respond in an IFC, from session to session, can be quite variable, so if you have expectations generally, or based on past experience, it can very much limit your experience.

Clarifying frequency work terms/concepts

1. What is a distortion pattern? And how does having distortion patterns running affect me?

Distortion patterns are what keep us separate from the Oneness, the Field, the Divine, Pure Source (or whatever you call the field of extraordinarily high vibrating field of consciousness from which everything derives and to which everything returns). 

They affect how high or low your frequency resonance is (or said differently, how high or low your vibrational rate is). How high your frequency resonance is, generally, affects literally EVERYTHING in your life—from what your reality looks like, how you perceive and how your feel about your life, your ability to create-manifest, how much change you can experience, the nature and quality of your thoughts, your beliefs, the possibilities that are available to you, your emotions and even how your physical body expresses.

If you did not have distortion patterns you would be completely neutral (i.e. not attached to any outcome because any outcome is acceptable), in flow, in total surrender and with no resistance to anything in life and therefore you would not experience friction and you would be completely present in the moment.

For a detailed explanation please watch Episode 176 “Frequency Work Fundamentals — Reboot”.

2. Do frequencies really cause or create everything?

Yes. Literally EVERYTHING. 

Your thoughts, emotions, what you think is possible, what you believe is not, your habits, your preferences, your physical body, who you attract into your life and what your reality looks like.

ALL of it, all of EVERYTHING is created by frequencies.

To learn how our physical reality and experience is created, including your thoughts, emotions, and your physical body, watch Episode 97 “A Key Piece Of Ancient Wisdom Clarified”.

3. Who or what is releasing the distortion patterns that are addressed during frequency work? How does that actually work?

Karen is working with and in response to your Higher Self and Pure Source.

This means that you, at a much higher resonating order, are setting the priority for what needs to be released and in what order.

Because of her own frequency resonance, Karen is able to perceive at frequency level and release/dissolve the distortion patterns that create the heaviness and stuckness that you experience.

4. Can I learn how to release my own distortion patterns?

It all depends on your frequency resonance.

To do this, you need to be high enough in your frequency resonance and then be able to shift things at frequency level—it requires both a high enough frequency resonance and the specific ability to work at frequency level. This may become more common in the future as human consciousness overall rises, but so far there don’t seem to be many people who have this ability.

That said, everyone can confirm the removal of the distortion patterns that have been released, which is actually a critical part of permanently clearing out the distortion patterns from the heavier and denser physical, emotional and mental levels.

When you learn the method of confirming the removal and once your frequency resonance is high enough, your ability to effectively confirm the removal of the distortion patterns, that have been released at spirit level, out of your experience of life, gets much faster and more effective.

The key is always how high your frequency resonance is.

After working on thousands of people, Karen has realized that there are 6 Core Essential practices that are the fastest and most effective way to give you confidence and empower yourself to facilitate your own spiritual acceleration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie or are more advanced, these 6 Core Essentials are critical for giving yourself the most momentum. Karen has released a special program teaching these 6 Core Essentials, and providing targeted frequency work to help remove the barriers to effectively applying these practices.

Go here to learn more and/or to register for Mastery & Momentum — The 6 Core Essentials

5. What is Pure Source?

There are many names for this extraordinarily high consciousness from which everything derives and to which everything returns.

Some call it Source, The Divine, The One, The One Infinite Creator, God, or the All That Is. 

Karen will typically use the term Pure Source because people tend to have less emotional and thought baggage around that term

Whatever the name, this consciousness is not human AT ALL. It is infinitely higher in frequency resonance than thought, emotion or any human rationale. So any ascribing of emotion or even thought process (any anthropomorphization whatsoever, really) to a godhead is completely inaccurate, simply a projection of lower resonating human experience and perception.

6. What is the pain body?

The pain body is a term that was originated by Eckhart Tolle to describe unreleased or unprocessed negative emotion which causes us to want to cause pain to others or ourselves as a way of releasing the charge of negative emotion. (This concept appears in his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.)

Karen perceives the pain body slightly differently than how Eckhart describes it. 

To Karen, it’s an efficiency system which is often too full or overwhelmed to function the way it was intended. From her perspective, the pain body is a fine “mesh” that surrounds the physical body. It’s often gummed up or clogged up with negative emotion, memories and sometimes other people’s distortion patterns (the latter happens with people who cannot hold boundaries and their spirit body is overly porous).

When the pain body is full or activated, it is somewhat like an inflamed wound. 

We are very easily triggered, are overly sensitive, overreactive and often experience a lot of drama in our lives. When the pain body is full and agitated, we can also become very resistant to change because we want to keep everything status quo and safe, in a false sense of equilibrium or calm.

Just a little stimulation, whether it’s an interaction with a person, or a circumstance, can cause it to be further agitated. When the pain body is full, the person wants to release the pain as much as possible because they have no capacity to deal with more pain.

For a more detailed explanation of the pain body, watch Episode 5 “How To Get To Where You Want To Be”.

7. What is the spirit body? Is it the same as one’s aura?

The spirit body is not the aura. The aura is a much denser, physical field that some people (and certain instruments) can perceive.

The spirit body is the mechanism which allows you as infinite, indestructible consciousness to experience density, or form, and the construct of linear time.

It is also what creates your reality.

For a detailed explanation of the spirit body, watch the vlog/podcast, Episode 97 “A Key Piece of Ancient Wisdom Clarified”.

Episode 151 “The Foundation Of The Reality — The Zero Point Of Space & Time” also has information about this.

8. Where is the xiphoid process?

9. What is synergetic ascension?

This is the new paradigm phenomenon of one person rising enough in their frequency resonance through the release of distortion patterns and their awareness of their connection to Pure Source to be able to significantly buoy or raise other people’s frequency resonance which in turn gives the person who originated the rise in other people’s resonance even more momentum.

It is an upward spiral of frequency momentum that raises everyone who participates.

For more detail on this new paradigm dynamic watch Episode 53 “Synergetic Ascension”.

10. How does doing frequency work affect not only myself but the people around me?

When your frequency resonance rises because you’re releasing your distortion patterns, others around you start to be aware of it (whether consciously or not), when you reach a certain tipping point.

If they can’t pinpoint what’s different, they may ask if you have a new haircut, have lost weight or started a new skin care regiment, but what they’re actually responding to is your rise in frequency resonance.

More people will want to help you, seek your counsel and just be around you because they feel better in your frequency resonance.

Your particular frequency resonance, depending on how high it is, has the potential to inspire, light up and catalyze others’ own journey to awakening. 

Watch Episode 176 “Frequency Work Fundamentals – Reboot to find out more about how working on yourself affects not only the people around you but also raises human consciousness.

11. What do you mean by the little “s” self and the Big “S” Self?

The little “s” self is the self identified with the ego/mind. It is very limited and quite low in frequency resonance. It is what is always comparing ourselves and others, or others with others. It is judgmental, and has the perspective that we are separate from the divine, and even from that aspect of ourselves that’s infinite, indestructible consciousness.

It is the perspective of the little “s” self which is the source of all suffering. 

The Big “S” Self is the perspective of self that is aware of yourself as infinite, indestructible consciousness, limitless and abundant—intrinsically part of and inherently connected to the Oneness (Pure Source, Source, the Divine, the All That Is—all synonyms for the same thing).

When you release more and more of the heaviness of your distortion patterns, you naturally start to rise in your frequency resonance and start to experience more of yourself from the Big “S” Self, even though there will still be a part of you that’s simultaneously perceiving from the little “s” self.

This greater perspective helps you to view your life, your thoughts, your feelings, etc., from the viewpoint of you as an infinite being, here to grow and learn from this physical experience of humanness. EVERYTHING shifts when you open to this perspective.

Watch Episode 119 “The Little Known Recipe For True Success” for a more detailed discussion of the little “s” self and the Big “S” Self and why a return to the Big “S” Self perspective is so critical to awakening.

12. What does Karen mean by “the rendering”

This is an extremely important concept to understand how the physical reality is created and why you experience your life the way you do.

Please watch Episode 97 “A Key Piece of Ancient Wisdom Clarified” and Episode 151 “The Foundation Of The Reality — The Zero Point Of Space & Time”

13. What is the Eternal Now? How is that different from the present moment of linear time?

There are 2 “forms” of time. The Eternal Now is what everything on spirit level or frequency level works at. Meaning everything is happening in the Eternal Now. You as consciousness can be aware of everything happening all at once, and there really is no past or future.

However our minds are inherently limited/finite, and it’s impossible for them to process everything, all at once, so we compress the Eternal Now into linear time so our minds can function.

It’s ever so vaguely similar to all the frequencies and vibrations present in live music, or even an analog recording on a vinyl LP, which are able to contain so much more information than a compressed MP3 file. In order to make it easier to work with all the information contained in the music, we flatten and compress that information into MP3s. We still hear the music, but only a dumbed down version of it.

When you are in the present moment of linear time, if/when your frequency resonance is high enough you can start to access the infinite expansion, the infinite abundance and the limitlessness of the Eternal Now. This also means you start to be able to access more on spirit level, including information, knowingness and a heightened ability to create-manifest.

For more detailed discussion on time watch Episode 80 “What is Time”, as well as Episode 130 “The New Frequency Resonance of Time”, and Episode 151 “The Foundation of the Reality — Zero Point Of Space & Time”.

14. What is our frequency resonance? And how does it affect things?

Your frequency resonance (or said differently your vibrational rate) and how high (or not) it is affects EVERYTHING in your life experience. 

Most people incorrectly think that each of us is one specific frequency, and sometimes even Karen will talk about “your frequency resonance” for sake of simplicity.

But this is actually inaccurate. You are a bundle of frequencies, something along the lines of a frequency signature, that allows Karen to identify “you” out of the vast pool of frequencies that make up the multiverses. But we tend to refer to this as “your frequency resonance.”

Your frequency resonance affects how alive you feel, the level of connection that you have with yourself, the Divine, others, and with life, the experience you have with the mystical, how adaptable and centered you feel, and the fulfillment you have from living your best you.

To find why your frequency resonance is so important, what it affects and how you can raise it, watch Episode 179 “What The Heck Is Raising Your Frequency Resonance”.

15. What is our frequency bandwidth? And why is it important?

More practically speaking, we exist daily on a frequency bandwidth. Some days you’re at the higher end of your customary bandwidth, and things feel good. Other days, you’re on the lower end, and that’s when everything can seem difficult and challenging. Where you are in your frequency bandwidth very much impacts what you experience, the opportunities that you notice (and which become available to you), and how you feel about and interpret your life and your experiences, and a million other things.

To find out more about your frequency bandwidth, what determines where you fall on it, and how you can move the whole bandwidth up and experience an increasingly awesome life, watch Episode 121 “Mastering Your Frequency Bandwidth”.

16. What is confirming the removal? Why is it so important for self-empowerment and awakening?

Because you have free will and you are co-creating your reality, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously.
When Karen releases distortion patterns at the level of the Field, or Spirit Level, that distortion pattern is deleted instantly at the level of the Field.
BUT as humans, we have minds and emotions, which are a much lower vibration than that of consciousness. We’re habituated to believing certain things will lead or not lead to others, we have expectations about what should happen, how people should be, and we have stories about why certain things are and are not possible, to name but a few.
Part of the amazing thing about frequency work is that when any particular distortion pattern is deleted at spirit level, it opens the possibility that the physical reorganize, such that the distortion pattern, or at least that layer that had just been worked on, no longer impacts the physical reality.
What would your thoughts, emotions, experiences be without that distortion pattern?
But often, we habituate into the comfort of what we have believed, have known, have thought to be possible to us, keeping us from fully embodying that new spectrum of higher vibrating possibilities that were not available to us because our vibrational level was too low.
It is by confirming the removal of the distortion pattern, which in a nutshell means being aware of it, and pushing it or releasing it out of your field (for a simple 5 step process on how to do this, please click here) you are consciously asserting your free will and your authority as co-creator to declare that that distortion pattern at the physical, emotional and mental levels is no longer in your field.
It requires that you have the self-awareness and the accountability to recognize the pattern within yourself and to actively turn away from it.
Most people have a certain area of their life where distortion patterns are thicker, heavier and more numerous, so it may be that you need to confirm the removal of more of those layers of related distortions in certain areas than others.
Without confirming the removal, you essentially are sitting in the old school paradigm of victim and disempowerment, waiting for someone else to heal you or save you.
By confirming the removal, though, in contrast, you are active in your own journey of self-discovery, forward momentum and awakening.